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  • definitely a racial bias

    Pretty much,white people have it best. I do not know if the do it consciously as a society, but they do seem to penalize different races for not being white. I know some people do it subconsciously but others do it on purpose. It needs to end because it is not right for one. The other reason is that white people are not always going to make up the majority. They better hope that the other races are more evolved than they are.

  • No, they are not

    I don't think there will ever be a time in which people are all treated equally. It is just in our nature to hate or to push our hate on another. If we have a reason to hate another, that is usually enough for one to persecute. Its just the way things will be forever, until the human race becomes extinct.

  • No, I don't think all races are treated fairly.

    I do think society has come a long way and races today are treated as fairly as ever in history however racism and discrimination still occurs on a daily basis on levels of society, it will take many more decades before Americans in general finally learn to accept all different races equally.

  • No They Aren't

    I believe it is obvious that all races are not treated fairly. Clicking around this site and reading some of the questions makes that painfully obvious. We have people who want to promote racial profiling, we have people who don't want Muslims in airports at all, we have people who want to persecute all white people for being racists.

  • In the US some races receive special preferences.

    In the United States certain races receive special preferences from the government in admissions and hiring. Affirmative Action policies for example will give preferences to Blacks and Hispanics over Asians and Whites. Thus a White job applicant with equal or better qualifications as a Black applicant may be passed over for a job solely due to his or her race. Thus it cannot be said all races are treated fairly.

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