• Yes and no

    All are equal and all have equal rights, but the thing is how are all people treated. Are all treated equal? That is the real question. This is all what i have to say, and i want to hear your opinion for my social science project work. Please contribute as much as you can.

  • It depends on a lot of things

    In theory, yes, we are all equal. Even if someone is physically or academically superior, we are still affected by similar limitations, and have similar goals. In practice, hardly. If someone shot the president, they would likely have a severe punishment (for good reason), and make national, or even international fame. If that same person shot a random woman on the street, they would still be punished badly. However, the punishment would most likely be less severe, and the suspect would only be in local newspapers. Sure, the president would be above the woman in authority and fame, but as humans, they are still equivalent. What makes that woman so insignificant in comparison? And why would the man get off lighter for the slaughter of a human being, no matter who it is? The reason I put this under yes was because I believe all humans are equal in theory. In society, however, that is obviously not the case.

  • As stated underathar13's comment


    We do not all have equal rights. Off the top of my head I can think of pregnancy rights where men have no say and certain government jobs where women aren't allowed to hold the title. Non-Gays do not have the right to protest and refuse service to Gays. All of these have court cases that you can google if you doubt me. There are hundreds of rights that pertain only to a certain sex or gender. I hope this helps you with your essay, Good Luck!

  • Sadly I have to say no.

    This is not to say that people are not all equal on the opportunity front. Every person should have equal chances to bring what they can to the table, but, no, we're not all equal there are 3 parts to equality at least to me:

    Each of us has benefits through situations, and depending on what those situations are determines our ability. For instance, myself, I'd do very well, above average amongst my peers in PC troubleshooting, which I'd do far below my peers in hairdressing. I'd do extremely well in a low temperature climate doing manual labor, but extremely poorly in a hot one. Due to simply how my body works. Given situations detriments can even be boons. It depends on the scenario, but we're never equal in any given situation. Often it's the ability to overcome the situation that can make something equal. If a driver manages to get a ton of practice on a track, he may finish way better than his peers if they haven't. But, an unpracticed, excellent driver may match his laptime. They're certainly "equal" but they're not equal in the slightest, because over time, the great driver will improve.

    There's a lot of merit to "i'm not wired that way" Some people have to try really hard to get remedial understanding of things, and some just "get it" Skills are really good showcases of this. A master carpenter likely enjoys his craft, while also having a knack for it. While a carpenter may be good through practice, but might do it for the money, while a hobbyist enjoys it, and tries at it, but never really becomes outstanding. Same with pretty much everything and I have to believe some biological things have something to do with it. Our dependence on the hemispheres of the brain and the connection creations is at least partially genetic. All of our brains aren't equal.

    I'm not equal to Usain Bolt. No matter how hard I try, no matter what level of physical fitness I achieve, I will NEVER run that fast. We are not on a level playing field physically. His born-with kit is better than mine in that regard. But maybe I live longer despite my poor eating habits, who knows?

    The human race is inherently unequal in just about everything, as are almost every other animal, the differentiation is a wonderful thing, and is truly the strength of human beings. Being unequal makes you contribute to the tribe in a different way, provided you have the opportunity to do so. That's the only equality that should exist, Equal opportunity to try.

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