• All religions are cults - yes definitely

    Religions by design have mechanisms to not question the doctrine, Not seek out truth, But to have "faith. " They are not institutes of free thought, But of "believe this or else unbelievable punishment. " That punishment can be either here on Earth or in the afterlife or both. That is behavior control through mind control. As for good deeds, There are no good deeds done by any religious institution or person that cannot be done in the secular world - NOT ONE! So good deeds are not an excuse to believe in an ideology that cannot be shown to be true.

  • The only difference is size

    Religions are bigger in size than most cults. That's it. Cults are smaller, Usually, Then most religions. Many are built off of the same things religions are. Religions have just as much proof and logic as cults but think of themselves as better because they are bigger and more people follow them therefore they have to be right because how could so many people be wrong. Not like that hasn't happened multiple time in history before. . . Wait. . . .

  • By both definition, And as history defines its results, Yes.

    I see people here saying, That religions are not cults, Because it has had positive impacts. And that you should ignore the negative impacts. Which is just outright ridiculous.

    From extensively studying the subject on both the micro, And the macro scale - I'd say religion has overwhelmingly been a net negative. Something that becomes obvious the moment you stop making excuses for it, And look at it objectively. And people's attempts to have their religion lay claim to moral development, Are all bogus. All the basic moral laws regarding murder, Theft, Rape, Etc, Were all a prime concern before every single one of the big religions today were made. And they did not originate from any other religion either.

    Religion simply attempts to lay claim to the work of others, To try an extoll its virtues. When all it really does, Is corrupt both those virtues(often by contradicting itself), And the sense of morality in general. Creating simplistic dogma, That does not suit such a complex world as ours.

    All cultism is bad, Religion is no exception to the rule. And no, A school of philosophy is no cult. At least not in and of itself. But I do not advocate raising cults around ideals or philosophy either, It's not the least bit better.

  • Cults have a bad name but are not always bad

    A cult isn't necessarily bad, And by definition religions are clearly cults, And the opposing arguments of so are other establishments, Surely that means that yes it is, Since the question is not asking whether other establishments are cults, Just religion, Meaning that a big portion of the opposing 20% actually voted wrong, As they said themselves.

  • Religion is brainwashing

    Religion poisons the mind. Let's say you have 3 children, Each grows up separately in families with different religion--Christian, Muslim and Hindu. The christian will believe in Christ, The Muslim will hate Christians, And the Hindu will know nothing about the Christian bible. The child that grows up in an atheist family will consider those children strange for believing and idolizing an invisible being.

  • All religions are false

    Cults are defined as a system of religious beliefs and ritual.

    Since all religions practice some sort of ritual. For many, This is prayer, Which is the equivalent of practicing black magic, Where you are trying to conjure up a spirit that will protect you and keep your family safe from harm. Or, You can have Muslims, Who like to turn their bodies to the east while praying. Again, Ridiculous. Or you can have Adventists, Who are so literal about their ridiculous beliefs that they think they have to go to church on Saturdays.

    It's sad that people are so convinced, Having either grown up in the system of beliefs they follow, Or needing some way to feel better about their impending deaths, That this is somehow the kind of living that will make the world make more sense to these people. It does nothing but distract them from reality, Which makes them less healthy mentally and more deluded about what is going on around them. Symbolism is cute and all, But reality is still reality.

  • There is one difference between a cult and a religion.

    The one difference between the two is that in a cult, there is someone at the top of it all who knows it's a scam, but in religion that person is dead. This is unrelated, but ask yourself this; could a god create a boulder so heavy, even they could not see it? If they can, they can't do everything, and if they can't, then they can't do everything.

  • Patronage is irrelevant

    The difference between new cults and religions (established cults) who become virtually institutionalized is the capacity to attract patronage. Rulers grant cults patronage because they are seen as beneficial to an established order - free of taxation, and other duties growth is quick but like all concentrations of power, corruption becomes an issue that impacts religious cults due to past patronage and the ideological adoption of theist concepts into the institutions of state control.

  • Of corse all religion is

    Religions were established to keep people "good' and follow the law and not spread disease. A god fearing citizen was a good citizen. It was a way to keep control of the general population. But the human race has grown past that. We have explanations for natural events that were once considered 'acts of god'. (We have a way to answer any question we have about being the 'only ones" in the universe, like going to mars, terra forming and drilling! ). Being a religious person doesn't make you a better person and not believing in any god doesn't make you a bad person either. BUT, YOU SHOULD NEVER STOP PROGRESS IF IT CONTRADICTS WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO BELIEVE.

  • Does one need relegion to be a decent human being?

    Relegion is just another cult which teaches you that you are different from other fellow humans and that we know the word of "god" better. Why? Why do we need a "god" to tell us how to lead our lives? Can't we just be nice to one another and treat each other with love and respect?

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  • Depends completely on the behavior of the people in it.

    My wife is catholic, and goes to church to pray for friends and family when they are not well. She never uses her religion maliciously.

    If the majority of the people in a religion, or even a particular church make malicious plans against other groups of people, they are a cult.

    If the people in the religion feel they cannot leave the cult for fear of violence, that is a cult.

    Doesn't matter what they call the religion, or what rules they follow, it matters how they behave towards other people.

    If the people you congregate with help you spiritually to be a better person, a loving person, then that is a religion. A spiritual uplifting for the good of all people, whether they believe what you believe or not.

  • By definition yes!

    By the definition of cult being a organization which its followers are deeply devoted to, so democracy is a cult, diets, and schools are too! Along with your job and etc. the list goes on for a very long time. Honestly I made my point earlier and are just filling word quota

  • Yes, and so are many educational establishments, workplaces,gymnasiums and social networks.

    If you are asked to join, and it costs you money to stay in, and they make it difficult to leave, you are in a cult.
    If you are made to act a certain way, that is against your nature, in order to be accepted by the group, you are in a cult.
    If you are asked to believe certain principles that defy logic (be it resurrection, transubstantiation or even things like climate change, you are in a cult

  • Are all religions cults? No.

    Throughout the history of mankind, it has been natural for people to worship something. First there was animism and that eventually morphed into the major world religions we have today. Some people claim there are about a dozen major religions in the world today while others say that there are hundreds or even thousands of different religious beliefs and practices. After learning the difference between a religion and a cult, you should be able to make the distinction for yourself.

    Traditional Definition of Cult and Religion
    Cult ‘“ a new religious movement that has a limited number of followers and whose practices may or may not be mysterious and possible unsavory.
    Religion ‘“ a method of thought that is meant to give meaning to man’s life by putting him in communion with a higher power through stories, rituals, and beliefs.

    Modern Definition of Cult and Religion
    Cult ‘“ a secretive group that brainwashes its members into engaging in obscene and harmful practices for the sake of a charismatic leader.
    Religion ‘“ see above.

    As you can see, the definition of cults has changed significantly over the past thirty to forty years. This is because some cult leaders, such as Jim Jones, sexually abused his followers. Other cults, such as Aum Shinrikyo, have committed high profile crimes, such as the sarin gas attack that took place in the Tokyo subway.

  • Mainstream religions are not cults.

    All religions are not cults. Mainstream religions are a pathway for spiritual guidance as well as a social resource for those who wish to associate with people of the same religion. Cults are religions in which extremes or social deviance is expected of the members and clergy. They are usually identified very easily.

  • Religion is culture

    A cult is something started by somebody with the motive for profit or deceiving people for their own benefit or gain, or perhaps merely the work of a sociopathic madman capable of manipulating others into his fold, but religion has existed throughout thousands of years of culture and has given us a way to approach morality in life, and whether we believe it to be true or not we should respect the good it has done and not the wars caused in its name.

  • Cults are more fanatic than most religions

    Cults typically have small groups of followers, but their devotion to their object of worship is fervent and pure. Many of the world's larger religions have massive followings, but the loyalty and worship to their respective gods is not as emotional and downright mentally blind as cultists tend to be

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