Are Allah of the Quran and Yahweh of the Bible the same God?

Asked by: temery2383
  • One and only

    The names could be different an so many
    But they all refer to one and only God, Allah, Yahweh, Etc.
    The truth is that language and culture difference with the matter of time makes the words different to us but they all refer to the same mighty.
    What makes it interesting that we all say AMEN after our prayers! To the same mighty God.

  • None existent entities! .

    Neither of them exist! , Or ever have done, Along with all the other gods mankind has created! . From the moment modern man came into existence they have worshipped something or other. Sun, Moon, Volcanoes, Wind, Animals, At least these existed, But gods? , Just a figment of some peoples imagination! . SAD! .

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