Are alternative medicines like homeopathy or acupuncture positive for ones health?

  • Chinese herbal medicine works as an alternative therapy

    I have allergies, which is the past were very severe. However, with a course of treatment from a Chinese herbalist, a balanced organic diet, proper levels of sleep and socializing to balance stressful work; my allergies have been either reduced considerably or, eliminated. One course of treatment and continuing to lead a balanced lifestyle as best as I can in this insanely busy world, is what continues to keep me healthy, not western medicine-read: medication and unnecessary and invasive surgeries.

  • Alternate medicines such as acupuncture and homeopathy are good for ones health

    Alternate medicines are positive to ones health because most of them have been used for centuries and provide long term relief by targeting the individual as a whole, unlike western medicine that only targets one area of a person and doesn't provide long term relief. Instead it only provides short term relief. Many people and scientists have got the definition of alternate medicine wrong. They think there are only two categories of medicine: medicine and useless water with health risking hazards in it. However this is not the case. The people that think this are confined by boundaries and can't think big and in real life. Medicine is much more complicated than that. Western medicines that work, western medicines that can kill us, western medicines that don't work, alternate medicines that don't work and alternate medicines that work. I didn't list alternate medicines that can kill or harm you because we are talking about modern alternate medicines not ancient ones. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said "I firmly believe that if the whole material medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be better for mankind-and all the worse for the fishes." It is no argument that alternate medicines are not good for ones health most of the negative people have surely been affected by their emotions such as seeing a person die or contracting a disease. So think about this argument clearly because I don't see why this blog should even exist.

  • Of course

    I am proof, and my whole family. If it wasn't for homeopathy we'd all be terminally well as natural remedies. Look at India, France, and many other European countries-As a whole they are much healthier than us Americans...and homeopathy is a mainstream med there.

  • The placebo effect can be underrated.

    Although I don't think homeopathy or acupuncture actually does anything substantial for physical health, people who believe in these methods may have positive effects. The placebo effect can have people believe that something is working, when, in reality, the only thing that has changed is the mindset of the person in question.

    Posted by: NineLester37
  • Alternative medicine of all kinds are positive for one's health, and many of these methods have been around since the beginning of time and have proven benefits.

    I believe that all alternative medicines provide a benefit to one's health. Many drugs used in modern medicine today are rooted in homeopathic methods. Plants and herbs used for hundreds of years are the basis for many of these drugs. People are realizing that the answer is now always a pill.

    Posted by: erikschrody
  • People's bodies are over-burdened by the chemicals and side-effects of so many drugs.

    Big drug companies care about one thing only: profit. Homeopathic solution
    has a healthier focus and function. It's about the well-being of a person,
    not how much money can be leeched out of them.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Alternative medicines exist because they have proven their value in societies throughout history.

    While I am not a believer in alternative medicines, I do believe that they work for some people. Similar to the idea of a placebo in a research experiment, if a person believes in the efficacy of a treatment to a great enough degree, then that treatment is likely to work for them because of the power of the mind. Alternative medicines also have a proven place in the world of medicine in many cases, as well.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Alternative medicine can have positive results in terms of health, because there have been many who have benefited from them.

    Alternative medicines like homeopathy and acupuncture can have positive results in terms of one's health. While many people experience positive physical results from acupuncture and meditation, others may experience more positive mental effects, which also have a positive effect on health. Good health is a result not only of the physical state, but also of the mental state.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Yes, the practice of alternative medicine has its place in health care, because they can be superior to conventional practices.

    Alternative medical treatments have their place in health care, but this does not mean that they are always a suitable replacement for more traditional medical procedures. I think every adult should have the choice of medical treatment, and that choice should include homeopathy, chiropractics, acupuncture, and the like. These alternative treatments may even be superior in some cases, when compared to invasive procedures.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • So-called "alternative therapies" are usually those that have been in use in other cultures for centuries, and have thus been proved to be effective.

    Alternative medicines is the term used to describe medicines and therapies that have been developed in cultures, other than the therapies and medicines currently in vogue in industrialized western nations. When a therapy has been in use for centuries, it is probably effective in treating the conditions for which it has been used. It is likely that, if it were harmful or deadly, someone would have noticed this, and they would have stopped using it. This is one plus for these therapies. Often, the drugs and procedures our civilized western physicians proclaim as miracle cures have no such long-term track record to recommend them. Additionally, non-western medicines and therapies are usually non-invasive. They can be introduced gradually. They do not involve surgery or any of the harsh, invasive, radical cures favored especially by those who practice surgery. As the saying goes, when you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Since most alternative therapies have been practiced for centuries, perhaps we should begin to call our newly-minted, relatively untested western medical practices "alternative therapies".

    Posted by: CI3Iike
  • Homeopathy has been proven not to work.

    We know homeopathy doesn't work because it's impossible to overdose on homeopathic medicine. Try it yourself, if you don't believe me. Alternatively, you can see videos of people trying to overdose (and failing) on YouTube. The only medicines on which it is impossible to overdose are those which don't do anything. Anyone arguing for homeopathy must first explain why it is impossible to overdose on homeopathic drugs.

    Many people think they've been cured by homeopathy. They're all wrong. Their apparent recoveries are due to either (a) the placebo effect (which, unlike the efficacy of homeopathic drugs, has been well documented), (b) the fact that their conditions were temporary anyway, (c) the fact that their conditions were intermittent (like sciatica, for instance), (d) the fact that they never actually had what they thought they had, or (e) some combination of the above. Then, of course, we have all the people who didn't get any better at all and just ended up going to their regular doctor. People are naturally pretty reluctant to go on the internet and tell people how they got scammed by some quack, so we don't really hear much from this group.

    Homeopathy has been repeatedly tested under laboratory conditions and has a perfect record of abject failure. In every true test (randomised, double-blind, peer-reviewed etc...) it never performs better than a placebo. We know the claims of homeopaths are nonsense. Tellingly, homeopaths themselves are generally very reluctant to put their so-called "miracle cures" to the test themselves. That alone should tell you everything you need to know.

    Until homeopaths can (a) explain why we can't overdose on their drugs and (b) prove the efficacy of their cures under laboratory conditions, we have no reason to take them seriously, and all the anecdotes in the world won't change that.

  • Alternative medicine is medicine that has either been not been proven to work or proven not to work

    If an alternative treatment would be scientifically proven to be effective, it would be upgraded to be medicine, "western, traditional, allopathy" or whatever. Every substance or practice that has some positive effect has to have side-effects as well. However, alternative medicine and practices which do not have any side-effects, can not have any positive effects either. We know this since we have never, scientifically, found any treatment or medicine that actually works to have no side-effects. Therefore, alternative medicine, by definition, have no real benefit to human health, other than the relaxation and stress reduction that any human touch, even a doctor's, brings.

  • Scientifically valid trails.

    Allopathic medicine has the science and its subsequent trials to prove it validity, homeopathy has no scientific reason that it can work, as it states that the "memory" of water though its interaction with healing tinctures has healing properties. Water has a chemical bond memory of approximately 4 trillionths of a second, so much for its "memory".

  • It's horrible for your AIDS

    I contracted HIV AIDS from my cat about 7 months ago. Since then I've tried all methods to help myself live a semi normal life. The best thing I've found, is injecting heroin directly into my eye. It helps me deal with the sadness I have from giving my cat Marvin the horrible disease.

  • I do not believe that alternative medicine is actually positive for ones health.

    Although alternative medicine may have a placebo effect on some people, I believe that its actual medical benefits are overstated and actually nonexistent. I think the market capitalizes on people who are desperate for another option when modern medicine fails them, and in doing so exploits and otherwise takes advantage of those people.

    Posted by: ClammyErwin38
  • No, for most alternative medicines, there is no evidence that they work and their use can prevent people from seeking real treatment.

    It has been said that if an "alternative medicine" worked, it would just be called "medicine". Alternative medicine techniques are largely disproved, when studied scientifically. They are shown to have no more effectiveness than a placebo treatment. In homeopathy, in fact, active ingredients are so diluted that the medicine actually is a placebo treatment, containing only water and perhaps one molecule of active ingredient. The placebo effect can be quite strong in some areas, such as pain relief. So, in this way, alternative medicine can provide some benefit, but there is a downside that more than negates this benefit. If someone trusts to homeopathy or acupuncture to treat a serious medical condition and, because of this, does not seek real treatment, they may suffer increased morbidity or die because they trusted spurious medicine.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • My sister in law chose homeopathy in hopes of reigning her breast cancer into remission. She died 6 months after she started this regime.

    Doctors have the knowledge to administer treatments in the belief of eradicating diseases. The FDA tests and approves these medicines where homeopathy cures have no assurance of purity of content of use in curing diseases. When a serious illness rears its ugly head, the trusted hands of the medical world is usually a secure safety net.

    Posted by: TricBuddy
  • Alternative medicines are not positive for ones health.

    It is not that the medicines themselves are not positive. It is the fact that some people who rely on these kinds of alternative procedures will not get the benefit of "real" medicine. Those who really believe in the alternatives will not allow a doctor to prescribe medicines that they may really need. If homeopathy and acupuncture are used in conjunction with regulated medication then I would have to change my answer to "yes", however, this is not usually the norm.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic

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