• Yes, Amazon delivery drivers work illegal hours.

    While it cannot be disputed that Amazon delivery drivers do, in fact, work hours that exceed the legal limit, the practice is certainly not limited to Amazon and its drivers alone. It is very common to work longer and through lunches and/or breaks when one works a low-paying job that demands certain quotas to me met.

  • Yes, Amazon delivery drivers are working illegal hours.

    Yes, Amazon delivery drivers are working illegal hours because it is the only way to keep up with demand. Now that the holidays are here, so many people are ordering packages to send to family and friends. The drivers feel like they have to work way past the legal limit.

  • Yes, they are!

    Drivers delivering parcels for online retail giant Amazon often work more hours than is legally allowed and earn below the national minimum wage. In order to meet the company’s expectations, some van drivers said they felt compelled to break speed limits and urinate and defecate in their vehicles. they regularly worked for more than 11 hours per day, exceeding the legal limit placed by EU law on people who drive goods vehicles as their job.

  • They want to make a living.

    No, Amazon delivery drivers are not working illegal hours, because they want to work the hours they work. A person should be able to work the hours they work because they might have a family to support. A person should have the right to choose their hours and agree on pay with their employer.

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