• American ethics of war are too restrictive

    American ideals and ethics are very restrictive on different cultures. We need to consider the belief systems of different countries and work with them to include their particular ethics in war and other aspects of their lives. American ideals do not match the rest of the world as a whole and should be more lenient.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe American ethics of war are too restrictive. I read an article last week that entailed some of the difficulties for our soldiers when out in the field and some of the things they have to put up with sounds astronomically dangerous given the line of work. We have instances where we are de-arming ourselves and putting American lives at danger when we shouldn't.

  • We still get the job done.

    No, the American ethics of war are not too restrictive, because for the most part we are still able to get the job done. We can still keep prisoners of war until the conflict is done, and we have done that. We can even still torture on occasion for information that we need, although we don't admit to it.

  • American ethics of war now are not too restrictive.

    American ethics of war now are not too restrictive. Seems that war is common these days and will remain that way. I think we are too eager to be shipped overseas and start fighting battles for other countries even if we do not have any interest in doing so at the time.

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