• Yes in many ways

    American gun owners are under attack in this country but really they always are. Gun rights is a very controversial topic and there are two clear sides. The sides are always at war with the other side. With the increase in school violence over the years gun owners have come under more attack.

  • Every tragedy puts them under siege.

    Americans have been to fat and lazy for to long. They are quickly forgetting that free men must fight and die to stay that way. So when something bad happens the American people especially Democrats want more laws and more police but someone else to pay for the added cost. Now its guns every tyrant who has rose to power has done so promising what can not be given then taking everything.

  • Yes, American gun owners are under siege.

    American gun owners, most of whom are law abiding, are under siege. They are fearful that their rights to gun ownership will be curtailed because of violence by people who are not law-abiding citizens. American gun owners who follow the law have every right to own guns and protect their person and their property. Our founding fathers recognized this as an important right for a free people.

  • Take a look around

    If your a NRA member you just lost many discounts and perks just because you either support responsible folks owning guns or you own one your self. I don't like guns don't have one in my house but I damn sure support the 2nd Amendment and rather have responsible people owning guns rather than just criminals having them.

  • No, sadly they aren't

    Sorry, my sympathy for a group of people that actually argue more tools that can instantly kill somebody makes the country safer is pretty minimal. Nobody in a position of power to make a difference has the courage to go after guns and regulate them more tightly, gun owners do get verbally ridiculed a lot but they should thank the heavens that's all that happens, this is literally the only civilized country in the world that allows this garbage to take place. Everywhere else they've realized less guns is a good thing.

  • Students in Schools Are Under Siege

    Gun owners aren't under siege because there will always be gun owners in the United States. Innocent children in schools are under siege from people who shouldn't have guns in the first place either because they use someone else's gun or they are psychos. American gun owners will always get to own firearms in some fashion.

  • They're in no danger

    Gun owners are terrified that the majority party, pushing for perfectly reasonable, rational gun control regulations, are going to literally storm their houses and take their legally owned weapons away from them. With that level of paranoia, perhaps they should. But gun owners are in absolutely no danger, and responsible gun owners never will be.

  • No, they are not.

    American gun owners seem to have more rights than those who do not own guns. The NRA has such an influence in politics and such a huge financial backing that gun owners will never be under siege or face any kind of stricter regulations for owning guns. The Americans who do not own guns are under siege.

  • American Gun Owners Are Not Under Seige

    No, American gun owners are not under seige. The rights of gun owners are not being taken away. Instead, gun control seeks to make more Americans safe. It does not unjustly or unfairly target gun owners. A person should be allowed to have a gun to defend himself or herself, not an assault weapon that is designed only to kill

  • No, they are not.

    American gun owners are only being asked to respond to reason. No one is going to take away their rights to own guns, in fact I imagine legitimate gun owners will not be affected at all by any new laws. They all claim to be responsible citizens who just believe in their right to have guns that they acquire legally, and there is no problem if they are. If they are also rational people they should understand that some particular types of guns need to be controlled. If they don't understand that, in my opinion they are irrational and probably are under siege.

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