Are American-made cars better than European models?

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  • American cars are not better

    While American cars have an edge over European cars on size and fuel economy, they fare worse in terms of quality, design and aesthetics. Secondly, even though American cars are relatively cheaper, it is hard to find spare parts. Thus, European cars are the best option for anyone who prefers quality and design over size and fuel economy.

  • Europe is ahead of reliability

    GM vehicles and Ford in America are very unreliable and everybody should choose Japanese however, Europe has many car manufacturers such as Renault, Land Rover, volkswagen and Seat which are very reliable. Also many car manufacturers share car parts to other manufacturers such as France providing engines to the majority of car makers with Renault providing diesel engines to Mercedes-Benz and Nissan and Peugeot/Citroën providing engines to Volvo and Opel as well as other manufacturers. The French however have a very large hate and poor reputation for their cars being unreliable when in fact they are some of the best cars in the world. The reason for this is because in the 1970 the French started to use lots of electronics in cars which caused problems but now there is as much issues with other makes. Germans are known for their quality and fast cars whereas the French pioneer in safety and being cheap and uniquely designed. So their you go Europe is the way forward for cars, American cars are bad and you should only really by Japanese, French or German built cars. Note British built cars are also very unreliable and they too should be avoided.

  • They are all good.

    No, American-made cars are not better than European models, because it depends on the type of car. There are some European cars that are just terrible, mostly made in socialist conditions. But the BMW is quite good. KIAs are terrible. Some American cars are very well made, and others have major issues, like GM cars.

  • American-made cars are not better than European models.

    American made cars are not better than European models. Today, most parts are made in China, anyway. Although the companies and brand names may be American or European, most cars are almost entirely Chinese made. It does not matter where the cars were assembled, low quality parts will remain low quality.

  • European Cars Usually Better than American Vehicles

    By most measurements, European cars are usually better than American cars. This is all a matter of personal preference in many cases, though. American cars tend to be bigger, which many Americans like. However, European cars often feature more luxurious features along with higher end parts, which other people prefer.

  • No, American made cars are not better then European models.

    American made cars cannot be simply classified as better then European made cars. Many different automakers have both good models and bad models. There are cars that have problems at random. There is no way to consistently rank or put American made cars up against European made cars. They are both equal.

  • American-made cars are not better than European models.

    American-made cars are not better than European models. It just depends on what you think is better. As for performance, the American cars are geared more towards emissions, European models more towards performance. I always thought European models are sleeker in the design and better looking compared to the American product.

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