• Yes, American presidents are largely a lost cause.

    Long gone are the days of the great, famous presidents. Now, all we have to guard the legacy of that most esteemed political office are bunch of jesters, thieves, and fools. Dishonesty and immorality have been rampant in the oval office for the past thirty years, with corporate lobbyists almost completely controlling the agenda.

  • Yes, at least Obama is

    This is not to say it is entirely all their fault because in today's world, presidents do not have an easy job. The only way you can look at it is if they helping or hurting America, and as of now the current president is doing more harm than good.

  • Yes they are, they don't stand up for us.

    It has been far too long since an American president has actually stood up for the rights of the average citizen. White House administrations are way too buddy buddy with big banks and corporations. There is a revolving door between big finance, military industrial corporations, and the Government. The presidents have also been too willing to infringe on our rights to privacy and freedom with things like wiretapping, surveillance, and drone strikes.

  • Not All of Them

    Not all of the United States presidents are failing us. You can tell that some generally care for this country and about their job. Others could care less and are on cruise control once they get into office, which is very sad. We elect these individuals and need to make better decisions.

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