• Way too easy

    Yes, schools in the US are way too easy. There is also way too much emphasis on sports. Students are at practice 3x a week if not nightly and to as late as 10pm (my 13 year old nephew!). There are no consequences for late homework and if a test is failed they can schedule a retake(?) what is that about? Also no consequences for multiple absences. I know a junior in high school who has missed 23 days of since January 2018. (and it's May 7th!)

  • American schools are too easy

    There is no country in the world that has expectations like that. Everyone needs to learn something. This is also the only country that has the lowest and least expectations out of any school system in the world. American students are the only ones on the planet that can fail in the international math curriculum. Also, the pace in the classes are the slowest in the world. It takes a week just to go over one single lesson and we are the only ones in the world that need it. We are also the only students that could fail from this amount of lesson time

  • Too easy for anyone

    This country has the least amount of expectations for every student in the world. Even in top schools. If you are in a top school where life can be stressful, it's still easy compared to a UK school. Those schools are those with top students, and teachers work so poorly there.

  • Yes, American schools are too easy

    Its true because students don't like to learn, even rigorous college prep schools. Secondly, many schools do teach people how to flunk a test, even if they are easy tests. Also, the United States is the only country where most students use their phones all night going on social media and chatting with their friends. This has also led to cyber bullying nationwide. Not only that, when are having tests and many teachers let us use open notes for the hard ones. Take a look at Canada. Even though the content is hard, they will tell you that they are tested on whatever they learn and when they see its difficult, its probably the most difficult thing they would ever learn. Lastly, there's a lot of bullying, such as making fun of others, calling names; they are probably one the highest ranked students in terms of bullying.

    So if you want to have a rigorous education, take 2-3 useful AP classes such as APUSH, APC, AP World and AP Calc. They should help you get up to the international level in terms of the math field

  • Compared to other high schools I think they're pretty easy

    So I go to a Slovenian grammar school, which is really hard compared to American high schools. During your school year, your calendar is completely full. During test seasons you have at least 2 to 3 test papers a week for almost a whole month. And after you're done with your tests you also have to be orally examed (which American schools don't even have). You have to be orally examined twice - once each semester and write 2 tests each semester or even more. Most professors for more important subjects like math, Slovene and English demand discipline and there is absolutely no talking back. On top of that, we have to write a lot of essays and summaries for classes like sociology/psychology/history. And as far as I know, we have much more subjects than American schools do. You have to take your mother tongue, then English, then second foreign language and an optional third foreign language. And the overall school can be quite stressful, demanding and time-consuming.

  • Way tooo easy

    I'm from the UK and all of our papers other than pracitical subjects are 100% exam but in America you get marks towards your final grade for simple things such as doing your homework or wearing the right sports kit. Also this is also ridiculous because American kids are always complaining abound school when they get away with everything and the stuff the are taught is way too easy for their age.

  • I am a Brazilian (poor country) exchange student

    I come from Brazil and now I'm studying in San Francisco, California. I realized how easy American high school subjects are. I also think American students don't respect teachers and there is no punishment no matter what a student does! Also in Brazil we have two tests a week, and in America tests are really easy.

  • School is too easy

    I think so, because I do extra homework (which by the way is also very easy) so I don't have to spend 5 weeks on something I perfectly understand but my teacher doesn't let me do harder stuff, she makes me play a equally easy math game, we need harder schools that you don't need to pay for

  • Pussyfication of our youth

    American teenagers have been pussyfied for too long. They are ill prepared for the future. No wonder our country is going downhill. Children need to learn DISCIPLINE. Until that happens our countrys future will remain in jeopardy. Please start providing discipline at home and in schools now. It will only help

  • Students get away with everything, no punishments

    Students can talk back to the teachers, and the principles let them off easy because they're afraid of the parents and that a punishment might just make a student fail, because suspension means no homework and missing school. Teachers have no rights either, how can we expect to have teachers be the boss if they have no correct way to go about holding their authority?

  • No, American schools are not too easy on their students.

    American schools are not too easy on their students because we see some very intelligent people in our country. Many other countries are even easier on their students then we are in American schools. This is why I think that American schools are not too easy on their students at all.

  • That's not the problem

    American schools aren't easy on students. There are students committing suicide and getting depressed from how much work they are getting. The problem is the WAY we are learning. We don't get the chance to express ourselves creatively, and all we do are tests, which just put us as some number. If you look at other countries who are excelling in the education of their children, you will see they take less tests and do other things that America doesn't. We could learn from them. I'm in seventh grade and I'm already feeling stressed about college.

  • Americans aren't stupid

    Some classes are easier than others based on how the teacher teaches the class. Some schools are really hard, and others are easier. It's okay for a kid to not do very well in a class and do better in a different class. Sometimes the kid honestly can't get it as easily as others, or the teacher isn't very good at explaining the lesson. It's all based on the teacher.

  • False Appearance Americans

    Going trough a rigorous education system in America, I do not think it is at all easy. Some classes are deemed easy and are there for those who truly need it, but there are harder classes out there. I have taken many Honors and AP classes, which are college level as a high school student and can count for college credit. The harder classes are offered for those up to the challenge.
    Students are faced with tons of stress for their adulthood. Students must be involved with extracurriculars as it looks for colleges and sports too. Many people do not choose hard classes as they are so spread-out to look well-rounded for colleges.
    Also,students go through tons of standardized tests which is never easy. There are the state mandated tests, regular tests in courses, SAT, ACT, midterms, finals, EOC, and whatever tests they throw in as an extra. With all these tests with different formats and subjects, how can American schools be considered easy

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