• Yes, because of the recession.

    For a couple of decades, young people especially were moving all over the country to find themselves or to find better and better jobs. But these days with the recession, they are either staying with their parents or staying with the one decent job they have found and the benefit is some sense of stability.

  • Multiple generational households.

    Yes, Americans are becoming less nomadic, because there are not jobs to move around for. Twenty years ago, a child graduated from college and then moved to a new city for a job. Today, students graduate and move back home with mom and dad to tend bar because they cannot find a job. We no longer move because there is no opportunity.

  • Yes we are

    Yes, I would say that americans are not nomadic at all now. Not one person in america has to go around and hunt and gather for food, while moving from place to place. You can be just fine staying in one spot and not moving a lot at all today.

  • Yes, they are.

    Americans depend less on hunting and gathering since we already have many of the resources we need. We simply just make it instead of trying to find most of it. This is however not a bad thing, the less we have to depend on hunting and gathering is a very good thing.

  • Americans are becoming lazy

    Americans are becoming less nomadic in so many ways. I would have to say that I don't know of anybody who actually goes around and moves from place to place anymore. Also I don't know of anymore people doing that while hunting and or gathering. We have become people who are complacent with what we have, and where we are at.

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