• Look at my reason. I do not care what you say, I have experience with these stupid things. Put up or shut up.

    * Trangender is stupid. We have MUCh bigger problems in the world. Get off of the tv and enjoy yourself. We do not care about anything you say, most of the time the guys just wanna see if your boobs look real or if you actually have a penis. The word 'transgender' is on spell check also, better petition for that while your at it.

    * Gay marriage is not a big deal. I know some gay people will agree with me. To make you less fired up than you already are, I am most certainly not a homophobic. It is a waste of energy and you will only cause problems with such. But back to this. Get off my tv and let me watch my Mythbusters. Shut up and enjoy the fact that you have papers to prove that your married now. You could've looked for a church, be mu guest. But get the hell OFF of media.

    *People are thinking religion is wrong. I cannot imagine such a life of NOT believing in SOMETHING. Even a bowl cabbage is good enough for some people, at least it gives them hope! But just walk away if you don't wanna be apart of it. If you wanna correct any of them, I'd prefer for you to shut your mouth and go home to fume by yourself.

    *People are blaming military men and police officers for racism. Example, Black lives matter. Dear people of that group, you are ALL uneducated dung-throwing PIGS that roll in society's scum. I hope one day that you will catch on to your stupidity and STOP harassing our cops. They put up with enough already, so go eat some of your own dung and crawl back into your caves.

    This is a message from the future of America, I am not 18 but I HAVE opinions. I hope this will be read and I do not care about your hate. If our adults are like this. Wimpy, sensitive, ill-mannered neanderthals, then I REFUSE to participate in this.

  • There's no denying it.

    The only part of my country I can stand is the places where there no people. I can't stand their fat asses whining all the time. Counting calories, getting manicures, going out with your friends just to play on your cell phone... Absolutely pathetic. The women in our country have more balls than the men do. If you act and live like an old fashioned red meat eating, beer drinking, flannel shirt wearing, patriotic American.... YOU... Are some kind of weirdo!

  • In a lot of ways, yes

    I posted some comments on YouTube that might have sounded a little bit racist, but weren't meant that way. And people on YouTube accuse me of being racist, even though I'm not. And American parents and educators are only rescuing or defending their children from the hardships of real life.

  • Yes, blame MTV

    Blame MTV, and Bad Girls Club, And Jersey Shore, oh heck blame all of pop culture. We have entered a time period in American history, where we direct are anger and socially tendencies differently. The strong hand of a father has been reduced to a lot of kids as a layback father that watches american idol with their spouse. What happened to all of those Old Fashioned guys who spoke their mind, knew they were right, and taught their kids... And their grandkids what hard work really is? Oh that's right, they have gotten old or died, or worse denounced by what it socially acceptable.
    A wise man (college professor) once told me and the class don't believe anything you hear, if it doesn't make sense to you. That makes a lot of sense to me, and when i hear people getting worked up about certain issues, i just laugh because i think how brain washed this generation is as a whole to the whole scheme of pop culture. TV really does rot out your brains kids.
    Those things that you feel your parents won't approve of, but you know it is cool because all of your friends are doing it, or wearing it... Probably isn't that cool at all. Those skinny jeans on you boys don't look flattering, and neither do your boxers when you plank either.
    My last point before i make this into a 3 page thesis is this, Everyone is worried about offending people. Everyone is offended. But tell me this, do you people ever stop to think how it offends someone to let the door slam in their face? Or had your headphones in and turned up so loud that you overlook the friendly face that asked you how their morning was? Hm. To me Americans are a bunch of wussies. Shy, rude, stuck up wussies.
    Thank you Americans, for making me sick everytime i go in public

  • Yes, they have become wussies already.

    I believe that Americans started to become wussies decades ago, and now they are completely wussy at this point. People now don't like to take responsibility for their actions or work hard for things. The work ethic that Americans used to possess is going away and now we have a society where people strive to be like those on Jersey Shore or the Kardashians.

  • Yes, they really are.

    I don't know that Americans are becoming wussies in the physical sense, but definitely in every other aspect of the word. When things get tough, most Americans now would rather point the finger at others rather than work hard to overcome their hardship. It is a sad sight to see our nation becoming this way.

  • 71% of people have failed to read what the definition of wuss is.

    The definition of a wuss is a weak and ineffectual person who fails to do or complete something because they are crippled by fear. Americans have never been hesitant to jump into a fight be it ideological, physical, or verbal. All of the supporting arguments from those who say yes Americans are Wussies are just attacks against pop culture, and political correctness. But to say that Americans as a whole are ineffectual because of fear is just idiotic.

  • Wussies? Americans Are Not Becoming Wussies

    From whatever context they are making this assertion, certainly must be from a quarter with no context. Nor any commonsense for that matter It took me 5 minutes to stop laughing before I could come up with anything appropriate in response.. Still the most prominent power in the world military, America certainly would not be warrant the label “wussie” in that context. And, if someone wants to try out his or her theory American’s have become wussies, roll on down to your neighborhood biker water hole, and waltz in and announce your opinion to the patrons. Then run for your life

  • I'm Not even Sure What this Means.

    I'm saying no because this reminds me of the recent controversy over that basketball coach basically abusing the players. Fox News tried to call the firing of that coach "the wussification of America".

    So asking that we consider other people besides ourselves is wussifying? Suggesting that maybe it's a bad idea to use racist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, and misogynistic slurs is wussifying?

    Is the idea that humans deserve respect such a radical idea? Is respect really for so-called "wusses"?

    Then count me a wuss, because I actually try to care a little bit about the people around me. No, you can't please everybody. Yes, it is impossible to not offend people. Indeed, I'm not actually above offending people. I'm more than happy offending conspiracy theorists, Creationists and Intelligent Designers, Tea Party conservatives, Randeists (Ayn Rand-worshiping ignoramuses who misleadingly call themselves "libertarians"... Which they aren't), people who use homeopathy and faith healing and other forms of "alternative medicine" (a label I find offensive because it isn't actually medicine), New-Agers, etc.

    But I offend them based on their *ideas*. I will *not* offend people based on things they didn't choose: their gender, their race, their disabilities... These are things that I really do think are off limits.

    I'm also all for offensive jokes. I'm not even against rape jokes! On the condition, of course, that those rape jokes serve to highlight rape culture and make fun of rapists. Once those jokes are making fun of and belittling victims, those jokes have gone too far and need to stop.

    This isn't "wussification". This is basic human decency. If you don't have that, then you need to go.

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