• Are Americans being deceived

    The American people for too long now have been deceived by those in power in the government, and the media into believing that we are the most powerful and influencial country in the world. We have been deceived into a false sense of being the most powerful nation by elite people in positions of influence claiming that we no longer have to be concerned about such important things as our military strength, our economy, or even our ability as a nation to educate America's citizens properly.
    After all, aren't the people in power telling us daily that all is well, don't worry, they repeatetly tell us, we are the most powerful country in the world and that as such, the rest of the countries look to us to provide them with financial aid and guidance so that they too some day, will be able to become like the great country that America is.
    The problem is with this rosey picture that those in positions of power and influence have been painting for us is proven to be a false picture that reality forces us to realize that those in positions of power and influence are presenting a scenario that doesn't conform to today's reality and Americans are beginning to see the real picture of where America stands today, and its not the Strongest nation the most powerful nation the elite are trying to persuase us that it is.

  • Here's for US Ego

    Yes, we are put on. And so are other countries in the name of patriotism. Here in the US we are given a sense that other counties think about us all the time, envy the US for its military power and economic strength. It’s not true. Every other county has its own sense of patriotism that is promoted. Unless the US is invading a country or tries to overthrow a government, which we do a lot, others don’t give the US a second thought. We are not the center of their universe.

  • Yes ok yes

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  • British say no to this.

    All we have to say (parliment) is that no u guys r not. We promise. We will give u some tea and make it okay. We promise e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

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Jonbonbon says2015-10-28T14:51:47.103
Lol okay three problems with this.

First: questions end in question marks, not periods.

Second: you didn't specify what we're being put-on about so it's impossible to answer this question to any capacity.

Third: you seem to think we are being put-on, but you voted no, meaning we're not being put-on.