Are Americans ignorant on the Muslim religion? Should they be more open minded?

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  • I think being more educated about the religion would change a person's view.

    I think that most American turn to the media and the media portrays a very negative image of Islam.
    Also the media focuses on the "terrorists" in the countries and people correlate them to the average Muslims living all over the world.
    If people educated themselves through the Quran they would see that it does not promote violence or the killing of innocent people, whether they're American or not.
    Also, when doing research, keep an open mind. Don't look up, why is Islam a terrorist religion, because then the results will obviously be biased.

  • Yes most Americans don't understand Islam.

    I believe that to have a better and acceptance of Islam, Americans should learn more about it. The idea of all Muslims being terrorists is a stereotype and has led to discrimination in some parts of society. If people learn more about it then I'm sure there will be less discrimination.

  • Yes and No.

    I am not saying this from a view from the fence but because there are two separate questions.

    Question 1)
    Are Americans ignorant on the Muslim religion?

    Americans vary on the knowledge they have of the Muslim religion. Personally I know very little about it so I would be considered ignorant about it. I was raised Christian so I do know quite a bit about that but almost nothing about Muslim or most other religions. To me, there is nothing wrong with not knowing about a topic as long as you don't pretend to know what you don't.

    Question 2) Should they be more open minded?

    Personally, I have no interest in the Muslim religion so I have no reason to learn more about them. Sure there are fringe groups but most religions have them. I also know that they base their religion on similar text as Christians but with different interpretations. Beyond that, I know very little but also have no interests in knowing more. In a way, I am open minded but only to the fact that I have no prejudice based on if a person is Muslim.

  • Knowledge is the key to life.

    Americans should be more educated on topics such as Islam and regional affairs. It is not fair to the educated tax payers and the US armed forces to do what an uneducated America tells it to. The US lacks widespread knowledge on key issues that have been troubling the United States and i believe that we should incorporate these issues in educational curriculum.

  • Americans stereotype Muslims as terrorists.

    I myself am not religious, but I feel like America, especially since the tragedy of 9/11, generalize Muslims as violent people. This is unfair to say. There are violent people in every religion, not just Islam. I do think we should be more open minded. They should try to learn more about the religion and what they believe, and realize that Muslims that aren't extremists have similar beliefs to any other religion.

  • Let me explain..

    To the question of whether or not Americans are ignorant of the Islamic religion, I would say that most Americans are indeed ignorant of explicit violence and hatred commanded in the Qu'ran and verified on more fully in the Sunnah. They are ignorant of the blood conquests, ethnic cleanings, slavery, imperialism, and constant warfare we find in Islamic history. And, it may come as a surprise, but I also would answer yes to the second question because there seems to be a stifling politically correct campaign to mislead people about the reality of what Islam represents by slogans like "Islam is a religion of peace."

  • Im an American, and were not like that

    Not all Americans listen to the media. And CNN is more focused on Barack Obamas coffe cup salute that the threat of ISIS. Even though the majority of Americans are Christians, we aren't all racists. And we don't want to read from the quaran because its in Arabic, and Arabic isn't as easy to learn as Spanish or French or German. We don't think Islam is a terrorist religion, we just don't feel welcome

  • Two questions, the second more important than the first

    Yes, americans do tend to be ignorant of the teachings of the Mohammedan sect. This is as it should be. We need not be so open-minded as to let our brains fall out, it is not a virtue to accept or promote error. I rather feel we should act towards Islam my forefathers did. In the vein of Juan de Austria we should fight the Mohammedans and in the vein of king Philip III we should expell them from our own nations.

  • Terrible Survey Question

    You cannot ask two questions like this in a survey because one may be no and the other yes. Anyways it is obvious that Islam is a religion of violence.

    Here is my point. A Muslim may not be a terrorists, apart of ISIS or HAMAS but the Muslim will almost never condemn those who are apart or the actions of the organization.

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Two different questions.