• Absolutely, without any doubt.

    It is widely known that Europe is the best continent on the planet. It has been the case since the dawn of modern humanity. Today, Europe has a High Culture above all cultures - but! It is especially above the American culture, which is exceptionally artificial, and mostly corporate driven. Americans are jealous of Europeans having unity, peace, prosperity, welfare alongside a free and thriving economy, and also because we are the leaders of the European race.

    Europe is everything America wishes to be, but cannot. We are one. We are united. We are free. We have art above all art. We have history above all other history. America does not; it is only a product of artificial needs and desires; a product of corporate culture, where even useless, immoral companies are more known than any historical landmark.

  • I think it works both ways, but yes

    American is kinda jealous of Europe for its culture and history (to which America has none or one of little interest) and so much more beautiful cities (Paris, London, Rome, Budapest :D). We also co-operate so well with our neighbours and have set up a sort kind of United States ourselves (OK - our one isn't quite as good).

    The Europeans (definitely the Brits. Being one, I know the attitude towards America is mainly positive) are jealous of and envy the Americans because of their short but cool history - while we have loads of kings and buildings, you have the whole EXPLOSION DEATH FREEDOM thing. We also envy you're buildings and cities, if not as much as you envy ours (e.G: NYC, San Fran and LA).

    I would say that countries like France and the U.K desperately want to join a country or Union as big as the USA, but we love to be able to turn around and say no and stay independent.

    Love from Europe B) x

  • The question isn't stated properly;

    " It is widely known that Europe is the best continent on the planet."

    Heh - you're just being silly there. Going with such an incorrect premise kills everything you later say, building on such a false foundation.

    What is true is that *some* Americans are jealous of some Europeans, and some Europeans are jealous of some Americans.

  • Definitely a NO.

    Why should I be jealous of somewhere that isn't my home? My country that I live in has what Europe has in terms of potential, livability, opportunity to succeed, and scenery among other things. Truth is, I don't really care what Europeans think I care about. I would like to get to see Europe one of these days, but that doesn't make me jealous, it makes me a tourist.

  • Not at all.

    It boils down to one big point. That point is that the majority of us really don't even think about you. In my few decades of life I have not heard anyone talk about Europe in some state of envy. Are most countries jealous of Americans? I don't know that's another topic. But I will say starting a topic like this is pretty see through.

  • Not all Americans.

    "It is widely known that Europe is the best continent on the planet. It has been the case since the dawn of modern humanity." You stated it like it was a fact rather than an opinion. I disagree with this, there's no way to prove that one continent is the best.

    And just like what everyone is saying, not all Americans envy Europeans. Maybe some, but not all.

    I would never move out of California to live in Europe. Sure USA might have a lot of "bad", but it also has a lot of "good" just like every other continent. But at least the weather in here is nice, and most people are nice too.

    There are things in America that Europe doesn't have, and vice versa.

  • I know I'm not.

    In terms of scenery, USA has everything Europe has, except more of it. In terms of population density, (so far) USA is much better. As far as products, the USA produces a wide variety. I'm not sure what Europe produces other than cars. Not saying they don't produce anything else, for all I know my clothes are made in Europe since I don't really bother looking at the labels (though not likely). Europe has a long history of war after war, with each other, and regardless of how they are forced to get along now, it's probably just a matter of time. We've got big lakes and lots of rivers over here too, just like Europe does. USA also has more personal freedoms. I'm just not seeing what we're supposed to be jealous of. Wishing we're jealous of Europe doesn't make it so.

  • No, not really

    There are some city liberals who wax whimsical about how great Europe and Canada are, and how horrible America is, but they don't represent what could be considered anywhere near a sizable portion of the population. On the same token, there is a great number of conservative Americans who actively hate Europe and consider it a communist hellhole filled with Muslim sand monkeys. What I find funny about that is that America's population is nearly 20% Mexican and Europe is only about 7% Muslim, but I'm getting off track. Are Americans envious of people living in Europe, by and large no, but there is a good portion of Americans who think some of the policies in Europe are beneficial and should in some form or another make their way Across the Atlantic.

  • Well.... No. Just no/

    First, as some have mentioned, MOST Americans don't give one thought to other countries. I good deal of Americans have no idea what you are even talking about when you say "Europe". So, just factually NO.

    I am not ultra nationalistic, not even close, but America is a very nice place (even with all the above mentioned idiots and fat people). A diverse country, more so than most of Europe, you can find something somewhere to like. There is plenty to be pissed about, but we do lots right too.

    Last, there is no good reason to even ask this question in this manner. I have lots of great things to say about many European countries, but never would present these in such a telegraphing way. .

    Posted by: TBR
  • Ha Ha Ha

    Most Americans view the US as one of the greatest nations in history. Because of our dominance of the world economy and culture, we really don't pay much attention to what is happening outside the country. We have a large impact on the world, but the world doesn't have a large impact on us. So whatever you think Europe has that Americans are jealous of, the most likely response you will get from them is that they don't really care.

  • Not all of them at least.

    I'm an American and I don't envy Europe so I know at least one of them doesn't. I think a lot of radically progressive people envy Europe, but I don't thing other groups of American are incline to envy the continent. I guess to know for sure you'd have to do some kind of large survey.

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