• Yes Americans do not support its Customers

    Americans are lazy, they take an age to reply to any support issue related to their own products. Customer care is not a first objective for any American company. They really should follow their Chinese counterparts in offering true Customer Support in customer care for any produce. What more can I say here?

    Posted by: ngl
  • Too broad

    This saying that "Americans are lazy" is based upon an actually small percentage of our country. This saying is a basic stereotype that needs to change, for that to change, people need to look at the average person. And to counter the customer service claim made by "ngl", that is completely unrelated to the topic at hand.

  • The greatest labor force in the world

    America outpaces the world for productivity so calling Americans lazy does not stand up. Certain ones certainly but that is to be expected with an excessive safety net. If anything we are to busy hence the obesity issue caused by poor diet and lack of exercise. So America is not a lazy country.

  • No, Not compared to the rest of the world

    Americans work more hours than people in most first world countries. Americans have a philosophy that what you do for work defines you as a person. One of the first questions we ask when meeting other people is "What do you do for work?" In most of the rest of the world, people work to support the activities they believe define them like hobbies and social activities.

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