Are Americans losing their appetite for the death penalty?

  • Justice what the law is meant for in Philly

    The victims get a last moment of pain and fear and an expensive funeral for the family to boot as well as pain for the rest of their lives. The criminal gets a bed, free TV, and meals each day. Tell me what is fair here where is the justice. These animals do not deserve a second chance as their chances are dead and buried it isn't something that can be brought back. If you ever lived in Philly you would know just how sick these scum are, second chance, PFFT. How many have ever heard of a serial killer ''who had a change of heart and did good'' or a sick rapist. That's right you haven't, what we need the law to be just is justice. We need to stop crime by letting the capital punishment criminals, killers, abusers and rapists know they will not be tolerated. Giving a painful death such as the electric chair suffer as their victim being fair and just as well as, allowing the family greater closure, sure may not seem effective at first but works a lot better than free cable and food.

  • Especialy in Texas

    We kill more criminals and even those that aren't guilty; especially if your black, than any state in the Union. time to back off on anything other than the most heinous of crimes.

  • Americans are losing their appetite for the death penalty, because they feel that too many wrongful prosecutions have come about.

    I think Americans are leaning away from the death penalty these days, because there have been so many movements to prove wrongful deaths under the death penalty. No one wants to watch an innocent person die. And, if there is still reasonable doubt, then they don't want to be responsible for that big of a verdict.

    Posted by: AboardTod
  • Yes, Americans are losing their appetite for the death penalty.

    It seems that in recent years, not many death penalty sentences have been carried out. As far as I know, it is more costly to impose a death penalty than to keep the criminal in prison for life. If the criminal is sentenced or given the death penalty, then so be it. Maybe the media should just report that it occurred as opposed to congregating outside the facility where it is going to occur.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • America has turned right and wrong into a more gray area, so we have lost the drive for a death penalty.

    We live in an America that is very different from generations ago. There is no black and white, or right and wrong. There are groups fighting for the rights of every minority. Any trial that might lead to the death penalty faces much more opposition than in the past. America has a faster and more direct approach of communicating opposition, so we are more aware of the atrocities of the death penalty.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • Americans are increasingly opposing the death penalty, because they are starting to despise the barbaric nature of it.

    The death penalty is an archaic, barbaric, and outdated institution that Americans are increasingly coming to despise. People are realizing the irony of killing people as a punishment for murder, and understanding that a civilized society cannot condone the murder of its own citizens. Consequently, people are increasingly "losing their appetite" for an outdated method of dealing with crime.

    Posted by: MannP4rk
  • Yes, Americans are losing their appetite for the death penalty, because we are getting soft.

    America has become a bunch of pansies where we have too many bleeding hearts on all sorts of topics. We need capital punishment to deter criminals from committing crimes. If we were tougher on crime, these people would think twice before committing them, for fear of the consequences and punishment they would receive. It's about time we stand up and say that enough is enough.

    Posted by: l0nerkatz999
  • No, even though there is a decrease in the number of people who are pro-execution, the majority are still for it.

    There may have been a gradual shift the past few decades against the death penalty, but there still exists a majority who are for executing criminals in some cases. Most Americans want the death penalty for those criminals who commit heinous crimes (i.e. someone like Ted Bundy). Also, people who commit high treason, like giving away state secrets to our enemies which threatens national security, is another crime worthy of the death penalty.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I think they need to have and enforce the death penalty there are too many people enjoying their lives in prison and get way more than they deserve.

    The prisons are over crowded and it is not fair for taxpayers to have to support, feed, educate, and cloth prisoners when they chose to interrupt others lives. I would love to have the choice to work or not and know that my medical care is taken care of and I have a place to eat and sleep. No chores no responsibilities. They get away with too much and cause others problems.

    Posted by: SareBeach
  • In most cases Americans do not seem to believe in murder for murder.

    Especially among the religious, Americans would rather let a criminal live and die in jail as opposed to executing them with few exceptions. Someone like Timothy McVeigh might get most of us to bend our beliefs long enough to watch the perpetrators of such awful crimes die, perhaps in worse ways than lethal injections.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Maybe but not in any significant rate.

    Most people simply don't care unless it involves taxes and their comfortable lives being threatened. Thus most believe that simply executing a criminal is a lot cheaper, not realizing it actually costs millions of dollars to do so. In fact the cheapest execution ever happened in 21st century cost about 900,000 dollars. That is still a lot more than 30,000 dollars for average life sentence without parole.

  • The cheering towards Rick Perry's executions in Texas demonstrates that plenty of Americans are still pro-death penalty.

    America has long been one of the only civilized countries to have a death penalty. While it would be nice to think that we are maturing out of this outlook, the Republican debate where the audience wildly cheered Governor Rick Perry's putting so many people to death in Texas demonstrates that plenty of Americans are still pro-death penalty.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • I do not think Americans are losing their appetite for the death penalty.

    I think with all of the crime happening in the world, and as bad as the crimes are getting, that people are actually more for the death penalty than they have been before. People are killing children, and murdering people in cold blood, and I think this is making the American people want to stand together for the death penalty.

    Posted by: SeriousNestor34
  • I do not feel Americans are losing their appetite for the death penalty

    As an American, I feel there should be a death penalty. You take a life you lose your life when convicted. There is no reason this murderer should stay in our jail system and have the people pay to keep him there for his entire life. People who kill children and old people is just sick and they deserve worse than the death penalty since being put to death is painless. So after 9/11 I think most people would be happy to see all the terrorists put to death. So I think there is still a desire in America for the death penalty.

    Posted by: dadude913
  • No, there are too many eye-for-an-eye hard core individuals out there still.

    No, plenty of people still believe in the punishment fitting the crime. The fact is, it seems that the death penalty isn't really carried out all that often, and when it is it's after years and years of someone sitting in jail. A lot of people think it is perfectly fine as a punishment. Many people in this country seem to live by a code that is somewhat barbaric, and as long as these citizens are in the juries that make the decisions, the death penalty will be around for a long time to come.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I think Americans are more interested in the death penalty as the American culture continues to grow more violent in nature.

    Americans in my opinion are more interested in seeing people receive the death penalty than to have their taxes pay for someone's life sentence. It seems that most Americans believe in "eye for an eye" punishment as opposed to rationally looking at an appropriate punishment. In addition, movies and TV programs continuously normalize the death penalty, murder, and killing which in my belief promotes a more violent culture. I think more people are willing to accept the death penalty these days.

    Posted by: tadaoantonio
  • No, the death penalty seems to be just as much an option now as it has been in the past.

    While one might think that this should not be the case--since there have been so many wrongful convictions overturned over the years--many people still see death as a fitting punishment for certain crimes. A lot of victims' families still support the death penalty. And it's easy to see why the would: the death penalty is all about emotion. The emotions that one feels when devastating crimes are committed are still there--and are still fueling the fire for advocation of the death penalty.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • I do not believe that Americans are more opposed to the death penalty than in the past. I believe that society has become more violent due to the poor economy.

    I believe that the poor economy would result in more death sentences. When the economy is suffering crime is greater because more people are desperate and unstable. This would result in more violent crimes and more sentencing. I believe that Americans like the idea of an eye for an eye. I believe it also increases peoples sense of security knowing that a violent offender is dead and gone and society no longer needs to worry about them hurting others.

    Posted by: TaraThi

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