• The surface outclasses the Mac

    The surface itself has more functions than the Mac and has better affordability; This includes the attachable keyboard. Apple products are way to robot like and controlling. Mac and all other apple products does not even come close to the surface or other Samsung or droid products due to its necessity to be jail broken to have as much freedom as the surface.

  • Yes, the "app" revolution has opened American wallets.

    Yes, Americans are more willing to spend money in exchange for content, particularly when that content is on their smartphones. The viral popularity of paid apps, ranging from games to word processing to music and videos, is evidence of this new eagerness to reward content developers for their products. Additionally, improved digital security has limited the chances for piracy, making illegally free content more scare.

  • Americans are more willing to pay for content.

    There are many different and affordable ways to buy digital content, makeing Americans more willing to pay for it. Many people instead of illegally downloading or streaming, are suscribing to sites like Hulu or Netflix. It is easier and safer to simply pay a small fee than to download and risk getting a virus. For these reasons most Americans pay for content when possible.

  • Americans Content Payment

    Americans will pay for content because of the information age. It is very important that the western world stay informed about what is prevalent on the Internet in regards to the information age. Most of the time the information is free, but that does not prohibit the smaller less powerful countries of solliciting for funds in regards to the outlay of intelligent informaiton.

  • I Can Get It Free

    Most Americans have figured out whatever they want, they can find it for free online or through other sources. Therefore, they not only are not going to be willing to pay more, but they also are able to get most stuff for free. Even intellectual property can be had for free. Through torrents, both offshore and onshore, people can get the latest in entertainment as well.

  • Its the same

    I think that Americans are not any more willing to pay for anything now that they did not used to pay for. The way that Americans spend their money has not changed a whole lot in a long time, and they are not willing to pay more for content today.

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