• Yes. Simply look it up.

    Conservatives make up 2 out of every 3 Americans.

    11% are Highly Conservative
    30% are Conservative
    36% are Moderate
    15% are Liberal
    6% are highly Liberal

    {41% are Conservative: 21% are Liberal}

    Doing the math, this mean that for every Liberal, there are 2 Conservatives. If you divide the Moderate section up by the same ratio, 65% of Americans are more Conservative than Liberal, while 35% of Americans are more Liberal.

  • Conservatives Outnumber the Rest

    Most Americans are conservatives. There was a poll done about three months ago that showed this as a fact. The results said that about 40% of the American people are indeed conservative. This is a majority when compared to the 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal in this country.

  • For the most part, yes.

    Despite the downward spiral of what is acceptable in fashion and behavior, Americans are still mostly conservative. This is evident in the government officials who are elected. The mere fact that same sex marriage is still an issue says to me that most Americans are still very conservative, as marriage should not even be an issue at this point. It is not even just with marriage, but immigration, abortion, stem cell, etc. These things would not still be such hot button issues if America wasn't mostly conservative.

  • No, Americans are not really conservative.

    Most Americans are actually progressive and liberal. This is clear by the overwhelming rejection of candidates like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and others. The younger generation of Americans support liberal ideas like marriage equality, taxing the extremely wealthy, and environmental conservation. I would argue that most people nowadays are pretty liberal.

  • No, Americans are not mostly conservative

    I feel that it used to be the case that for the most part we were a conservative country. That our citizens believed in God, in the military, in protecting each other and in working for what you received, not getting handouts. But it feels to me that this is changing more and more with each year and each election, and that the reliance on the government, rather than ourselves and our community, is the direction we are headed.

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