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  • No, Americans are not mostly liberal.

    There is a pretty sharp divide between liberals and conservatives and it might seem from looking at our entertainment industry that the liberals hold the reins but they do not. Americans are mostly rigid in their beliefs concerning anything that might represent progressive thought in our culture. They tend to avoid controversy, and any deep thinking on a subject, accepting instead beliefs of their church or their heritage.

  • On most issues Americans lean to the right.

    If one takes a look at polls of Americans' views on issues like affirmative action, illegal immigration, capital punishment, etc, most Americans are clearly on the right. There is however a massive disconnect between average Americans and the media and politicians which hold a lot of sway over popular discourse, so it is not always so clear.

  • 52/48 last time

    Liberals are getting more and more power and going farther and farther left but Americans are not mostly liberal. If it was possible for more then two divisions it would be intresting to see what the break would be without one issue voters. Homosexuals only have two choices being liberal or voting with the oppresors how many conservatives would be gained if they just supported the First Amendment and allowed gay marriage.

  • Americans are a Split Nation

    America has for the last 60 years been a split nation between liberals and conservatives. Even the number of years presidents representing either party have been in office is split exactly evenly after Barack Obama finishes his final years as president. Looking back on the last election one might conclude that our nation is very liberal as the vote swung heavily to the left but that is only because of the electoral college; the overall percentage of Americans was nearly split 50/50. What one can conclude though is that those who live in more rural areas are largely conservative and those that live in more urban areas vote more liberal.

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