• It is very sad!

    It is incredibly sad. As I scroll through the opinion questions, the most hits are on anything related to guns. The obsession is out of control. Guns are not something to be proud of. People hurt people with guns. I hope in the very near future we Americans can focus on more humane issues such as basic needs for human beings. This land is "the land of opportunity" not the land of guns. America needs rehab for gun addiction. Look at the words people used towards each other when the talk (threat) of taking the guns away started. Its just like taking an addicts vice away. Please get help before we destroy America!

    Posted by: JRM
  • I believe that Americans are definitely obsessed with guns.

    I believe that Americans are definitely obsessed with guns. It seems like almost everyone in America
    wants a gun. Hunters want guns in order
    to hunt animals. Gun collectors want
    guns to add to their collections.
    Parents want guns so that they can protect their families. And, criminals want guns to commit crimes.

  • Some are yes.

    America is in love with the second amendment and the right to own as money guns as you want. Even members of the Democratic party tend to love guns. This country loves guns so much that they won't even pass legislation that says that you have to pass a background check for every gun purchase. They are obsessed.

  • Americans are obsessed with guns.

    Many Americans are obsessed with the right to own a firearm. Most other countries have acccepted that it is too dangerous to own a gun. Despite many high profile news stories about mass shootings, many Americans still refuse to admit the danger of guns. Clearly, there is a national obsession with guns.

  • This country should be ashamed....

    We need to all grow up (it's been over 200 years people) and adopt laws similar to the UK, Germany and Australia. When tragedy happens again and again, and we continue to do nothing about it there is something wrong with us. We look like psychopaths to the rest of the world. Just a broken record continuing to make the same stupid mistake over and over and over and over and over again.

  • Yes Americans are obsessed with guns.

    Obsession is not exactly the word I would use, but us as Americans rely way too heavily on guns in our every day lives. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to be protected, but what about the people who use guns to threaten people? Or people that go to rallies and want to keep all 150 of their guns when they're not all needed for protection.

  • Yes, American culture relies too heavily on guns for personal protection.

    It is all America's second amendment right to own guns in order to protect one's family and property. However, many Americans own multiple guns, including automatic weapons, rifles and shot guns. A simple hand gun would serve the purpose of protecting one's home. There is no need for an army's worth of weapons.

  • Americans are definitely obsessed with guns

    The ones who are on the side of the NRA are oblivious to how the rest of the world view them. Nor do they care with their arrogance. It's like a little child saying you can't take my toy away from me. I truly pity these people. Unfortunately, I also feel like Americans are de-evolving with this type of attitude. I am not an American and I am glad I am not, but I do have friends who are American and I feel sorry for what has happened to their once proud country. They will never again be seen as leaders in the world with their step back to the stone ages.

  • Obsessed with guns

    Firearms should be far more difficult to obtain.Strict background checks, by the police and medical records.Guns should generally be used for the likes of hunting, target practice and sport and recreation.The use of assault rifles and weapons capable of very high rates of fire should only be used for military or police uses and not be made legal for the general public.Why on earth do you need a fast firing semi automatic rifle.A shotgun for hunting or clay pigeon shooting, fine.A hunting rifle for deer fine.Licensed pistols to shoot at a range all good with the correct checks and certificate fine. Guns definately have there uses when used correctly .

  • Always have been

    Just take a look at any of their prepper/survivalist publications and notice their first thought is guns, ammo, knives and more guns, oh and if you have room, remember to have some water available, but for sure you need a couple handguns, a shotgun, an assault rifle, a sniper rifle and a machine gun and don't forget to store more ammunition than some countries defense forces.

  • Americans are not obsessed with guns.

    Americans are not obsessed with guns. I think that Americans just want to be able to provide safety to themselves and their families. With more violence happening with guns being the weapon of choice that is just a coincidence. I think Americans should be allowed to protect themselves no matter where they go.

  • No, I do not believe that Americans are obsessed with guns.

    No, I do not believe that Americans are obsessed with guns. They are just taking advantage of their right to bare arms, and in today's society I totally agree with that reasoning. People need fire arms to defend themselves from the bad people who also carry them. Its the only way to be safe.

  • No, they are not.

    I do not think it would be fair to say Americans are obsessed with guns. The statement is much too broad and generalized; not all Americans care for, or even own a gun. Are there some people who are? Of course, but I am sure you can find that elsewhere as well.

  • Welcome to America

    People talk about freedom all the time, but what they are really speaking of is liberty. Liberty is absolute freedom from others demands. The best way that I can explain it is in the words of John Norman. " Within the reach of ones own sword tip, every man is a king". Personally I chose to take responsibility for my self.

  • Guns are only an asset to the problem.

    I can agree that guns are very much poorly regulated, getting into the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, but guns are only a part of the problem. The problem is that many people have become obsessed with killing, and destruction. You give that person a gun, you are essentially giving them power for an easier way to kill.

  • Not all of us are obsessed with guns.

    What you see on the news is not america as a whole. What you see on the news is only the radical people who shoot other people and use guns for harm, and that's maybe 7 or 8 a week out of a billion people approximately? What you are saying about guns is similar to the Muslims plight. We only see the terrorist Muslims in our movies, books, and news stations, but does that mean all Muslims are bad and should be eradicated? We have already obsessed about safety, Dulling all the playgrounds, and arresting people because their child was out of sight, even ordering surveillance of all our electronic devices. Must we really destroy all guns because thats what the media (Who knows fear sells) puts in front of us?

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