• Yes but it's our fault

    If Americans were not so terrified of their own thoughts, They wouldn't be desperately trying to buy the newest thing to distract themselves, From themselves. You don't need a bigger house, Faster car, Or newer phone version to be happy, But once you THINK that's what you need, You'll never be happy. Here we are collectively and even if you don't think this way, Enough other people do that you have to play their game.

  • Less jobs more hours

    More and more companies are laying off employees and increasing the workload of those left. I see it in my company, and in my friends and family. I'm lucky I get paid vacation, but many don't. And those that do are sometimes fired for taking it depending on the company. Corporate America has this sense that you need to be working your life away.

  • Yes, we Are.

    Americans on the average have far fewer vacation days than our counterparts in other countries. And what is even more surprising is that we often do not take advantage of the full amount of days we are allotted. It's as if we are afraid to be away from our jobs for too long or we might lose it.

  • Canada and the World: Vacation Days by Country

    That is a great question! Of course Americans are overworked and get too few days off to be with their families.
    Perhaps the most glaring of all: the United States is the only advanced economy in the world to not offer vacation pay or holidays. Nothing at the federal level guarantees time off. Some employers do offer time off as a perk, but this is not a requirement; as such, approximately 1 of every 4 US workers receive no vacation or holiday time. Canada, at 15-20 paid days minimum for most employees, isn’t anywhere near the top, but we’re well above the bottom.
    When I was in working for one of the big 4 in the World CPA firms, Deloitte Touche, I got to work with partners from our German office. They get lots of time off. Most Europeans get much more than Americas. The Germans get 30 vacation days plus holidays, Luxembourg get 35, France gets 35, Australia 30, Panama 40.
    Italy offers 104 “personal leave hours” (and these were figured into 4 days) to allow employees to attend to personal errands, such as taking their children to the doctor. As well, many report that most contracts in Italy specify for at least 25 days off.
    Finland offers 30 days with Saturdays but not as Sundays counted as holidays. Vacation is accrued differently there too; employees accrue 2.5 vacation days a month and typically use it in the subsequent summer months.
    Russia offers 52 days off to employees in “extreme north” regions (presumably because things get shut down in blizzard conditions).

    Many USA firms circumvent holiday pay laws by only allowing you to work part time or under 32 hours per week. So they pay no holiday pay or vacation pay. It is a big joke to make the wealthy wealthier.
    And, most firms don’t even give most Americans all the Federal Holidays off; it is a big joke.
    We are a nation of workaholics. Most of us are forced to work that many days and much overtime just to survive in this great nation of America.
    America is for the benefit of the Plutocracy, the super wealthy; the rest of can go to Hades.

  • Yes, they are.

    As an overworked American myself, I am well qualified to say that we as a nation are indeed overworked. For some reason our culture glorifies essentially killing ourselves to work as hard as we can and advance as far as possible in our careers. We should be more like Europeans.

  • Work harder, how else is your boss supposed to afford his caviar?!

    If you're still breathing then you're obviously not working hard enough. Your boss is richer than you and is entitled to his yacht and his expensive wine. How dare YOU deny him what he's earned, just so you can feed your family? How greedy are you? Think of someone other than your own kids for once!

  • If you think America is overworked, just look at Japan.

    We arent morally forced to do anything. Its not dishonorable to slack off. But yet our friends over in Japan work nonstop. America is home of the slackers, and as an American, i believe that. Now dont get me wrong, people like investment bankers, some buisness admins, and other jobs of the sort work extensivly. But to generalize all of America as over worked would be too much. There will be personal accounts that say they work hard for little pay, but there is a vast majority that dont work as much as they are payed.

  • No, Americans aren't worked enough.

    There are so many people out of work, and we're complaining we're overworked? I'm sure the people without jobs aren't saying that. Come on, love what you have and embrace it. You're a lot luckier than someone. We need more jobs in this country, not fewer. We are underworked, that's what.

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