• Clearly Americans are ignorant, Gullible, And easy to manipulate

    Their general ignorance of world affairs, And science-history-economics, Etc, Etc, Leaves them easy prey to manipulation. Their sense of superiority and of global importance leaves them easy prey. Their tribal political divisions, Their incessant nostalgia, Their cultural narcissism, Their simplistic religiosity, All these leave them suckers for manipulation. And, My God, Do the opportunists rise up and take advantage.

    Nice people though, When you travel across the country. Individually open hearted. Collectively stupid.

  • Yes they are quite stupid

    Although I do agree that I can't stereotype America, as they still do have a small percentage/minority of quite bright people, the majority of people do have a problem with comprehension of facts and are quite self-centered in terms of patriotism. When saying that they are stupid I don't mean to say that they aren't bright or intelligent and achieve good results in tests but rather they have a perpetual state of ignorance and have a 'superiority complex' that leaves them quite thickheaded. I think this is perpetuated through a flawed education system that doesn't promote a life long love for learning and leaves them devoid of empathy both on a small and large scale.

  • Ignorant, arrogant, stubborn

    Poor education, group mentality, personal beliefs over scientific facts, general lack of common sense, very narrow minded and ignorant view of the world, easily offended by other opinions. Politics are treated as reality tv, the idea of one solution to fix a sevral solution problem. Not all americans but a big procentage of the population

  • American who thinks many Americans are stupid

    People get defensive, only because they don’t want to admit the truth. I have lived in America all of my life in various states. I have traveled to other countries. Unfortunately, the data shows that a number of Americans aren’t that bright. I think it’s a fair stereotype for others to label Americans as stupid. If you look at the statistics of who is the most successful group in America, two Asian minority groups rank high.

    If people are offended by other countries viewing them negatively, then work on improving yourself. It’s no surprise that so many Americans have high divorce rates, because I think their lack of intelligence and lack of empathy makes the marriage fail. You can act like there isn’t a problem, but the statistics in America speak for themselves.

  • Americans are becoming dumber, more ignorant, less educated and stupider than ever before.

    > Average Americans can name all the stadiums used by professional NBA teams, but can't locate the states correctly in a given US map.
    > Average Americans can name all the players from his favourite NFL team, but can't name the senators representing his own state.
    > Average Americans know more about Tiger Woods than Theodore Roosevelt.
    > More Americans followed K. Kardashian via social media than Stephen Hawking.
    > Americans can explain the Offside rule in football, but not Bill of Rights.
    > Americans can name the winning team in every Superbowl, but can't name every person that wins the Physics Nobel Prize.
    > Americans know every stat of their favourite NBA player, but can't even know who's the Vice President.
    > Entertainment and hedonism have made Americans dumber and dumber, falling further behind their peers in developing countries.
    > United States have dropped their rankings in math, science and reading.
    > Heck, Americans are still arguing which to write: '31th' or '31st'. WTF? There's even road signage that reads '21th st.'.

  • Ignorant, and overall retarded

    Americans are just so stupid, the fact that Trump and Hillary ended up even close to the presidential election makes me wonder how Americans live with themselves. I will never chose to travel to America because of how ignorant and self-absorbed a majority of their population is, the fact that any person has the ability to obtain a gun, is mind blowing to me. American society is an endless whirlpool of hate, racism and sexism. If you want to solve racism for fuck sake stop labelling people by their races or colour. The sad thing is since America is the underlying representative of the world with their involvement in Hollywood, TV and the social world. The future will have nothing to look back on except ignorant, self-absorbed assholes. America, go fuck yourself.

  • Today America tomorrow the world!

    One nation, one people one leader! SEEK OIL! Who needs a congress anyway? When lobbyists have become the true authors of virtually every new piece of legislation. Sixty percent of American agree that we can well do without our rights and freedom if Big Brother can secure our safety. We all know that Big Brother lies, but please don't tell anyone I said that, I want my social security check to keep coming! Oh say can you see........ I think not!

  • Ask Americans a question as simple as, who paid for the banker bailouts of 2008 and I guarantee most will not not how to answer!

    Americans do not know their own history, they have no idea what their criminal government does on a daily basis and they are dumb enough, to STILL buy into the stage shows called the democratic and republican charade of sell out politicians. Americans have NO IDEA, that most of their rights that made us free, have been OFFICIALLY ended! Most Americans are stupid, apathetic dummies and sad to say, we're getting what we deserve. Wait till the dumb Americans see how bad things are going to get, they'll be sorry they watched so many FIXED football games instead of paying attention to criminal actions of their government, they'll care when it's far, far too late.

  • Ask any American a question as simple as, who paid for the bankers bailouts in 2008 and I guarantee most will NOT know the answer.

    Most American have NO idea that, the current trade agreements are being pushed through congress right now LET ALONE , that they will make bankers and corporations, OFFICIALLY above the laws of the US and other participating countries. Americans do not know that we have ALREADY lost the US as a sovereign nation. Most Americans have NO IDEA, that this world is run by organized crime. All the evidence is right out in the public realm to read and research for themselves but they won't. Americans are too blind, stupid and apathetic to care.

  • Yes you are fellas

    I am not saying all americans are dumb but a 1 in 8 americans don't know all the continents in the world. Also, watch this video and tell me if americans are stupid or not.
    Probably half the americans who just watched the video probably couldnt answer those questions. XD

  • Americans are not stupid, we just do stupid things.

    Americans are bright, inventive, and have all the access to education we want. We are not a stupid people but we have been known to do stupid things. As with any diverse cultural system we have people who will act their age and others who enjoy the freedom to make fools of themselves. To say all Americans are stupid because of the acts of a few, that just happen to get the limelight is to take away from our talents, our gifts, and our determination to improve upon ourselves and our country.

  • No, Americans are not stupid.

    Americans have all sorts of IQ's, from low to high, as people do throughout the world. Americans have access to good nutrition, housing, and education and the opportunity to learn for a lifetime. Many Americans read on a daily basis (books, newspapers, magazines, the internet), thus engaging their brains. Many use the library or local museums to gather knowledge. A good number of Americans are college educated. While the American public school system has its issues, especially in the inner city, most Americans do have access to a decent education and the chance for lifelong learning and should not be classified as "stupid."

  • No, Americans Are Not Stupid

    To judge a whole country that has millions of people based off a few people says more about your intelligence. There are intelligent and unintelligent people in every country. Yes, there are some problems but we recognize those problems and been trying to find ways to address and fix the problems.

  • Some stereotypes are stupid

    Most americans aren't stupid. My friends and I who live in California do Algebra II, and we are only 50% done with Middle School. Just because we don't memorize the names of senators doesn't mean that Americans are stupid. Many TV shows portray the group of American characters where most people vary slightly, and are of similar intelligence (average, or high), 1 stupid person who is the lovable main character, and 1 genius, used for comical purposes.

  • Americans are not stupid and here are my two cents

    Think about this, if you are going to stereotype a group of people based on the poor characteristics of a select few, are you any better than them? Many people world-wide look at Americans as uneducated, rude, ignorant, fat people who think they're the best. However, there are far more people that don't fit that description. America is a stew of different cultures. Americans have the opportunity for great education, unfortunately many people fall into peer pressure or victim to media influence and perform poorly in school. From a young age we are encouraged to hate school, thus ruinening our performance. This prompts many to not continue their education and get a job. Which for some is fine, but not all. Also everyone learns differently, and one teaching style does not work for everyone. As for rude and ignorant it all depends on where you are and how that person was raised. Some people are still raised racist or told they are better than everyone else, etc. some just never paid attention in school, but later in life they probably wish they had. As for fat, I find it hard to believe that people think everyone in America is fat. There is a diet commercial or weight loss solution, or skinny model everywhere you look. All the time people are influenced to eat right and lose weight, this isn't always a good thing, but we're still encouraged, bullied even, to be skinny. When someone says they love America they're being patriotic, is there anything wrong with that? Mind you there are those with a radical patriotism that take it too far, but I digress. In England you idolize the queen and have an odd fascination with tea, that's patriotism, maybe a stereotype as well but I think you get the picture. Another contributing factor to the American stereotype, is that our government is f*cked and likes to keep the people ignorant. A smart person is dangerous to the government, and it's like that no matter where you go. I'll stop my rambling but I'll leave you with this if it was your country being stereotyped as stupid, would you not be offended?

  • Americans are not stupid

    Define intelligence, Is it memorization, comprehension, how quickly one learns, etc. I have known people who can memorize well but lack comprehension. I have known people with poor memory but great comprehension. The human brain is not simply a recording device. Also Name calling is a fallacy, especially when one claims that being a citizen in a specific country makes one stupid. From my experience those that resort to name calling usually have nothing better to say.

  • No, Americans are not stupid.

    It is actually highly offensive to label an entire nation, a BIG one at that, as stupid. It is an unfair stereotype, like saying all British people like tea. Yes, there are stupid people in the United States. There are also a lot of smart people as well. Some of us happen to do stupid things. Believe me, we see them as stupid, too. Please keep this in mind instead of just making assumptions in the future.

  • Not all Americans are stupid but I get your point about that opinion.

    We as a people do have some problem with education and inequality among classes. But I know tons of people in my grade who get 90 percent on their tests and are smarter than the average kid. Not to brag or anything but myself included in the smarter ranks. Buy I do see your point that some if not a lot of Americans need better education than what they are getting at this moment in time. But that's just my opinion though. But like apples on a tree their are good ones and bad ones just as there are smart people and dumb people in America. :D

  • No, American's are not stupid.

    Like any human being American's make mistakes. Also unfortunately American's can be somewhat sheltered to the world around them. There are times when things take place that they may not understand or relate to. American's are just as smart as any other group of people. Humans as a whole are imperfect and therefore are prone to mess up.

  • No They Aren't

    Americans aren't any more stupid than any other nationality of people. Additionally, a lot of the mistakes and errors that Americans make come down to a lack of interest and information and not stupidity. Sure Americans do stupid things and say stupid things, but they are not lacking in intelligence or any less capable than other nationalities.

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