• Yes yes yes

    Yemen, nagasaki, hiroshima, syria, afghanistan, iraq. All places that did not deserve the terror act that america did, drone strikes that have killed innocent civilians in yemen have been unreported by our media because it makes the us look bad and americans cant see the atrocities. Its time to wake up.

  • Yes they are indeed the real terrorists.

    Americans nuked Japan, attacked Iraq, dishevlled Afghanistan, created deadly mujahideeds to fight their proxy wars with USSR, when Al Queda, Taliban and now ISIS backfired, they labelled them as threats for humanity, killed millions of native Indians, is attacking Yemen. These folks are nuts. They are the real terrorists of the world and the root of all terrorism. They first create and support terrorists and when they go out of control, pose as though they the saviors of humanity from 'terrorists'. Terrorists who? LOL call yourselves terrorists first, before labeling others as such.

  • Of course duh

    Wake up and smell the coffee. If I seriously have to explain to you why the US are the true terrorists then your IQ level is less than I thought. A war waged over weapons of mass destruction and thousands killed....."Oops sorry we must have got the country wrong as there were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq our bad"

  • Americans are terrorists

    The media , the world , most of them think muslims are terrorists. Yes, some muslims are terrorists but only a few. Not all muslims are terrorists. Nagasaki, hiroshima look at it's condition now , the chiidren born there are facing some difficulties. Why?, its because of the terrerism of america. Nt only tose two places but many countries invaded by america , people were killed ruthlessly by the americans. Still people think americans are not that bad.

  • LOL call yourselves terrorists

    Americans nuked attacked Iraq, dishevlled Afghanistan, created deadly mujahideeds to fight their proxy wars with USSR, when Al Queda, Taliban and now ISIS backfired, they labelled them as threats for humanity, killed millions of native Indians, is attacking Yemen. Terrorists who? LOL call yourselves terrorists first, before labeling others as such.

  • Americans have killed more innocents than all foreign terrorist groups combined.

    The people of my country, America, are ignorant. The truth is that 9/11 was a conspiracy formed by the Bush administration to justify an unjustifiable war, in order to gain oil resources and other corporate interests. Anyone who believes otherwise has not done their research and is in denial. I hate George W. Bush, and I hate the U.S. government for doing this to us and to the Middle East. We have actually strengthened foreign terrorism's ammunition by invading and killing innocent people. We are the true terrorists.

  • They are masked terrorists

    They say 9/11 is a terrorist attack, but what about all the things they've done? Atomic bomb, Middle eastern conflict etc. Media just have you believe that America is the best country in the world. It's the worst country! Causes more problems then it solves. They are a blight on this world.

  • What do you think?

    We think that anyone with a turban is a terrorist, but what about when it is the other way around? When we went into Iraq busting open doors and scaring the s*** out of the civilians. Commandeering their houses at gunpoint. We threatened the civilians because they wore a turban. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE BAD. Many people are saying that america is not the real terrorist just because we think we are the best country in the world. If we are, then why do so many people hate us?

  • Without doubt, Yes

    Look up the definition of terrorist within the fbi website.
    America is an exact description of these. America makes threats to its own people now. I don't understand how people cant recognise this.
    They either do not have the capacity to think for themselves, are easily manipulated or have their own selfish motives that America benefits.
    That is the only truth!

  • Hell yes yessssssssssss

    Americans use words about democracy and freedom to cover their crimes all over the world. Cold blooded killers who destabilize other countries and bring death and poverty to other people. Making money is good thing but not on death of the other people.
    The Iraq war was completely based on lies. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, didn't have weapons of mass destruction, didn't pose a threat to the US. Those were LIES. It was a war solely for Israeli interests, 9/11 was planned by Zionist neocon traitors in the Bush administration. Over 2 million innocent people were killed as the result of an unnecessary war for Israel, in order to mobilise US public opinion for already planned wars, the effects of which would be to destroy Israel's enemies and control the oil in middle-east ?

  • Americans being the real terrorists? Ha!

    Keep living in your insane conspiracy world. People criticize America for getting involved in a War on Terror, but it seems they forgot what caused that. Does 9/11 ring a bell? I don't know what logical response there was to 9/11 other than to retaliate. THAT WAS AN ACT OF WAR! What did you seriously expect us to do? Just twiddle our thumbs and do nothing? We were directly attacked on domestic soil. I think Bush did the right thing in starting a war with these savages. Sure, a lot of the implementation was bad but we needed to go to war.

    The people who say that we entered a War on Terror because of oil are the same people that will scream that 9/11 was a government planned plot to give us reason to enter the Middle East. These are also the same type of people that say we never went to the Moon, that the Illuminati runs the world, and that our government is run by shape shifting lizard people, that Sandyhook was staged, and that airplanes are spreading chemtrails around. I'm sorry, but unless you can prove any of that to be true, you have nothing to argue with.

    The nuclear bombs would never have happened if Japan did not attack us unprovoked. THEY are the ones that began the war with us. The argument that a lot of people would have died if we didn't use the bombs is absolutely true. You can look at the independent historical projections of loss of life of a Japanese mainland invasion. It's much bigger than how many people died under the bombs. We WOULD be the terrorists if we decided to kill more people by not dropping the bombs.

    ISIS, Al Qaeda and all the other Islamic extremists are NOT simply civilians defending their homeland from us. THEY ATTACKED US UNPROVOKED just like Japan did! They started the war, not us. If you attack a country, expect retaliation... That's just how war works. Stop trying to trivialize the brutality of ISIS and Al Qaeda because it makes you look retarded. These people truly are evil whether you accept that or not.

  • No, Americans are not the Real Terrorists

    America got involved in WWII and WWII because it was attacked first. It got involved in Korea and Vietnam to stop the spread of communism. It got involved in Panama, Iraq, and Grenada to oust dictators. The Civil War was fought to prevent secession, the Revolutionary War was to achieve independence from the British. None of America's involvement in these wars was motivated by a desire to spread terror.

  • Using a logical argument, no

    The topic of this discussion is: "Are Americans the real terrorists?" Notice the "s", plural, meaning the entire population of the United States. The average united states citizen is generally misinformed, and does not participate in terrorist activities.

    As for the government, going too far does not equal terrorism. The definition of terrorism is: "The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."- Oxford dictionary. The United States government has already established that they cannot create a democracy there, other than that I can not think of no other political aims they could hope to achieve by their bombings. Yes it is in retaliation, and yes it is wrong, but that does not make it terrorism. Bank robbing and drunk driving are wrong, and they aren't acts of terrorism either. It might inspire terrorism, their political aims could be to stop the unnecessary bombings, but inspiring terrorism against yourself isn't terrorism.

  • No America is not the terrorists, and Israel is the only beacon of hope for freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

    We do not chop the heads off of innocent people in the name of "Allah". If there was a natural disaster in one of these countries supporting these head chopping maniacs , the United States would aid, food water Ect. On the other hand, if roles were reversed they would pull survivors out of the rubble and chop their heads off or put them in a meat grinder or torture them in some other way until they died. That's the difference between them and us-- we stand for what's right and moral, they simply wantonly murder people in the name of "God". And anyone who truly believes that "global warming?" is the cause of terrorism is a complete moon bat and should seek professional help. Aren't you all tired of being wrong?

  • America are not the terriorist.

    Most anti american BS is made up. And the wars? Its their own fault. They started attacking America FIRST. And you can't be a terriorist if you are just defending your own country. If it was an unprovoked attack, THEN America would be the terriorist. And when Anti American find out they are wrong, they use anything against you.

  • Attention conspiracy theorists, go get your pizza rolls out of the microwave - they're getting cold.

    If we wanted to create an excuse to go get some oil, I'm pretty sure flying a couple planes into the twin towers would've not have been the way to go. The attacks on the twin towers damaged our economy......Heck, if this was a big conspiracy theory to go get some oil then what would be the point in destroying the twin towers? The USA probably could've went without getting noticed. The USA probably could have went without the media ever reporting it and the USA could've gotten the oil...So yeah, these theorists are cowards AND/OR mega-morons. Most of them just have really low self-esteem and haven't accomplished anything in life so they feel compelled to kick and scream about how America is terrible from their mother's basement while their Bagel Bites are warming in the microwave...They live such comforted lives that they don't even realize how terrible women and kids have it over in the middle east. Along with the grown men who aren't brainwashed over there aka the grown men who aren't in the Taliban,etc,etc.........Like fuck, these people don't understand how savage these sand-monkeys are. Plus they bring up our big bombing run on Japan civilians...Well many of those "civilians" in Japan were insurgents who were helping their military fend us off. Some of those Japanese civilians were killing US troops. Yes, it's very saddening that so many innocents lost their lives when we bombed them & I don't know if I would've ever approved of dropping the bombs myself. I can only imagine the burden of having to live with the decision to do so. But it was either brave American military lives gone or it was Japan lives. People say we just went and bombed them for the fuck of it, like no? Did these conspiracy theorists not read a history book? They made a cowardly attack on us with the bombing on Pearl Harbor. They messed with the bull and they got the horns. Our defenses weren't even up at that day at Pearl Harbor for whatever reason. It's really the Japan-government & Japan military's fault for all of those civilian-lives lost...Bombings would've never took place if they didn't fuck with us.

    BOTTOM LINE IS: Quit disrespecting our courageous men & women valiantly serving in the atrocious war-zones. Yes, you claiming that the US are the real terrorists is disrespecting our deployed troops. They're not the terrorists. Our US military are fighting savages who cut off heads, drown innocent lives in cages, shoot kids in the head,etc,etc. We're over there to liberate many innocents from oppression and to stop these ISIS camel-fuckers from engulfing more places. Heck, they're already spreading to Europe. Do you really want them ever coming close to our borders? NOPE. So respect our men and women over there. Because if it wasn't for them than the world would be a less safer place. Now go get your Pizza Rolls, they're getting cold

  • Everything that America has done has been to protect something.

    People keep listing places that have been bombed and blah blah blah. Those places deserved it. Japan would have destroyed themselves if we hadn't stopped them after WW2. If all those countries would've just kept to themselves and stopped doing stuff that could get them in trouble, we wouldn't have this problem. People just hate America because we contol them. It's the same reason that kids don't like parents. It's because we keep them from doing whatever the hell they want.

  • Americans are not terrorists.

    Americans are not the real terrorists. Yes, we came to win to fight and conquer, but it was in retaliation. We only start wars with other countries when we are provoked and we are usually not ever the ones to start wars. Other countries always choose to terrorize us first.

  • Hegemony has a responsibility.

    It's crazy to see people calling the dropping of nuclear bombs on Japan a terrorist attack. The Japanese would not have surrendered without them, and perhaps a million Japanese civilians would have been slaughtered in the invasion of the mainland. Tough choices, but a clear one. Also I feel people don't understand the responsibility of the most powerful state on the earth. I'm not even American but I understand the forces of realpolitik. Waging wars was seen as necessary NOT only because of the immediate problem at hand, but to also flex American power and deter others from becoming violent. Violence and war will always happen in human nature, but knowing the big dog in the room will bite you if you pull any BS is a great deterrent to future conflict. Although there are many instances of American aggression. I'm willing to bet there are many more examples of peace out of fear of American reaction. Example: India vs. Pakistan 1999 and the avoidance of nuclear war.

  • Americans are like an ostrich with it's head in the ground oblivious to the truth.

    Americans are not terrorists it's the corporations that control the government and the media. This evil empire of the filthy rich have completely fooled most of the citizens of this country to believe that the US is doing the right thing killing innocent men,women and children that happen to be on the precious resources that fuel the economy

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