Are Americans traitors to the European race?

Asked by: Mirza
  • Yes, they are.

    As a white person myself, I look at the European race through my own personal lens, and would like for it to fare well. I love other races and have nothing against them. This, however, doesn't mean I shouldn't promote the welfare of my own people. That being said, white Americans are, in my opinion, the most trashy kind of Europeans. First of all, historically speaking, they have abused the term "white" heavily, and have caused other white people who came to America in the past to suffer (e.G., the Irish) merely because of their different white racial creed. Additionally, Americans are losing their spiritual connection to Europe, and refuse to even CALL themselves Europeans. Moreover, their actions in the world, such as support for Israel's massive civilian murders, or their plethora of wars, have given the European people an even worse name; they've resurrected a dead image of ours from the past in the modern, new world.

  • Maybe a little.

    I’m not really sure what the European race is. If you mean white people then it seems like Russia and the UK should be includes as well. At any rate ignoring that criticism I believe that America has harmed Europe somewhat by exporting our ideals to them. In Europe white people are the indigenous people, and their culture is being destroyed by ideals that originated here in America. In America our culture is from all over the place. That is how it has to be given our situation. We are not that tightly bound as a people do to circumstances. The main thing that holds us together is the constitution, and in recent years people seem to have less respect even for that. Basically what I'm trying to say is that America and Europe are different, and what works for America doesn't work for Europe. Europe should discourage mass immigration and try to preserve their culture. America should keep doing what it's doing establishing its identity as best it can.

  • The migrant crisis

    The american spearheaded effort to "stabilize" the middle east has made swarms of africans and other people to force themselves into our lands. The american greed for power is tearing europe apart. They are constantly dragging us into trouble. USA makes Russia a saint in comparison. It would be best for us all if the americans dissapeared.

  • Responsible for migrant crisis

    Their efforts to "stabilize" the middle east has ended in swarms of africans and other foreign people into our lands. Their greed for power is tearing europe apart. They are constantly dragging europe into trouble. It would be best for us all if the americans just dissapeared. Vote for hillary and you have you have sealed our fate.

  • No, they absolutely aren't.

    To begin with, European is not a race, but an ethnic classification of the Caucasian race. Which is named after a place in Asia. Furthermore, people such as Israelis and Palestinians are white and in Asia. Back to the point, Americans are not a disgrace to the European race because, as they are mainly Europeans, they live a western lifestyle that can be traced back to Europe. Around the world we have tried to spread the aforementioned through democracy and diplomatic relations. I will admit that America has done some wrong things in the world such as the mentioned support for Israel's tactics that were often unfair to the Palestinians. Keep in mind that most of Western Europe recognizes and supports Israel. Also Europe has a history of going to foreign lands and colonizing countries, while treating the natives poorly. This includes the British Empire to native Americans, the French in Africa, and to their own people, the Nazis. The Americans still have a spiritual connection because we maintain close diplomatic relations to countries such as the UK, France, Germany, e.T.C. Being an American, I can tell you we have a pride in everyone's heritage including our own. It's common to here citizens disussing their heritage in Europe down to the percentage they of that ethnicity. We (most of us) enjoy the history of Europe, too. In summation, I would like to say that Americans are not a disgrace to the European race because: European is not a race, we conduct ourselves in a manner similar to other Europeans, we have made similar mistakes, and we remain close to Europe.

  • We are our own people

    It has been 239 years since our independence which was brought with the help of Greek philosophy and French military assistance. We are our own people. For one European is not a race, but rather a classification based on geography and partly because of history. Also, we never considered ourselves European and we have developed our own culture. Also, what is so bad about mixing cultures and exporting those ideas to Europe? Our world is changing and becoming more progressive and mixed. Culture is always changing and trying to preserve it will only harm both Europe and America - we should be moving forward, not looking back.

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