• We are not slaves

    We do not live in a country that is ruled by tyrant like Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. Every American citizen has rights given to them at birth that nothing can take away. Americans are free in almost every sense we can say whatever we want and the governement can't take that away

  • Depends on how you define freedom

    If freedom means you can do anything, then no human can ever be truly free. Compared to other countries, Americans are pretty damn free. People always focus on the freedoms they don't have instead of the ones they do have. It depends on how you define freedom. I say we are free because we do have a lot of freedoms.

  • In what world?

    America gives you a choice to either obey or not to obey laws/rules. If it was free we can do whatever we want without any consequence, rule, or law in our way. Apparently this is not true we have laws given to us to follow. America is not free people.

  • Americans are not free

    We will never be free until we can look are each other and there be no one more powerful are important than anyone El's when that happens then and only then we will be free from the shackles that have been binding us down and so we cant fly and be truly free.

  • Freedom comes at a cost.

    We are given a Social Security Number so we can be tracked down by the government. When you apply for a job or need a loan from the bank, your credit rating either makes or breaks the deal. You need a license to drive and a passport to travel out of the country - both can be traced by the government. If you join the military or need a security clearance, your fingerprints (and sometimes DNA) is used to identify you. And thanks to the Saudis and the 19 hijackers, we have more invasive government intrusions into our lives with the Patriot Act so your phone and Internet service is monitored. Notice all the CCTV cameras or other surveillance cameras of late? And in some video game boxes, you can be monitored in your own home while playing a game on your TV. Computers with cameras can be turned on by government hackers, or those attempting to steal your identity or live stream your daily routine. What our politicians (and sometimes 'celebrities') say or do affect our relationships with other nations. And POtuS Obama signed the NDAA which gives the government the right to hold you in custody indefinitely if they feel you're a threat to the nation. And then we the tax payers have ZERO say about the quality of immigrants alloed into this nation or how our taxes are used to support those on government aid.

  • No human is truly free

    It is ignorant to say that you are truly free in any climate. Do you go have a picnic regardless of the weather, do you go skiing in nevada during july, would you stay in your house if it was burning. No you don't so you are influenced by some factor anywhere. As humans we are integrated with our surrounding, there are some things we have to adapt around. Even you thoughts and choices are influenced by a factor, such as if you went downstairs to get a drink at midnight and you had to choose between apple juice or water what would you do? Let's say you had an memory of a good time in an apple orchard (thanks to train of thought) and then you picked apples. Did you really pick the apple juice because you wanted to, no you picked it because you had a memory. The same goes for governments except sometimes in a less subtle way. Yes we go into conflicts because of economic reasons and they are usually justified by reasons that included protecting citizens from an oil collapse or other things like that. On the homefront Americans are from from free because well laws. These laws protect you from other people and in return you have to agree to them. Laws also prohibit what you can do. So even if you really wanted to you can't go into a supermall with an RPG. America is free compared to other nations but Americans (with the rest of the world) is not truely free.

  • Complete freedom implies self sustenance and non dependency.

    Americans and their economy rely on oil to keep their cars moving.
    Americans and their economy rely on crucial foreign imports.
    Americans and their economy rely on foreign conflicts for security.
    Americans and their economy rely on foreign cheap labor markets.
    Americans and their economy rely on foreign tech industries.

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