• Yes we are all screwed

    America is screwed up in 2020 and the war on debate. Org destroyed us.
    Screw the joker, Screw cmacynsk2, Screw star lord 616,
    Screw Jamal, Screw his mommy and daddy, Screw Natalie, Screw jamals’s sister, Screw fat people, Screw fat spammer, Screw Batman, Screw Harley Quinn, Screw Trump, Screw Biden, Screw proud boys, Screw kkk, Screw antifa, Screw BLM, Screw racists, Screw lgbt’s, Screw homophobes, Screw men, Screw woman, Screw China, Screw Canada, Screw India, Screw the americas, Screw socialism, Screw fascism, Screw Kamala Harris, Screw Obama, Screw mike pence, Screw the Democrats, Screw the republicans, Screw coronavirus, Screw everyone who hoarded the toliet paper, Screw ISIS, Screw Iran, Screw Europe, Screw the wildfires, Screw global warming, Screw climate change, Screw black people, Screw white people, Screw straight people, Screw gay and trans people. Screw science, Screw politics, Screw school, Screw the medicinal field, Screw th egret new deal, Screw Obamacare, Screw DACA, Screw the wall that divides America and Mexico, Screw the deportion police, Screw rioters, Screw protesters, Screw the guy who locked himself at home. Screw social media, Screw this site, SCREW YOU EVERYBODY!

  • Most of them are, Yes.

    Americans fetishize violence against each other and against people they disagree with. We live in a culture where it is normal for someone to threaten or carry out physical violence another human being unprovoked. We live in a country where if you are in a verbal argument with someone, You run the risk of them attacking you out of nowhere like some kind of barbarian.

  • No theyre not

    One of them pooped on me :( I cried until I poopied myself i peed too and my mommy walked in and started beating me until i cried and poopied myself again and farted too so no I don't think so theyre not nice because of that and i think that americans are meanies

  • Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳

    Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳

  • Yes we are

    Americans choose violence and hatred over peace. We continuously see this throughout history we are always divided when it comes to political or social views which is overall heartbreaking in a sense when we have so much to fight for right now. Even in this pandemic many have still chosen violence because it's in the behavior of people. We can never see good for one another.

  • Americans suck lil

    We really suck, We take things too far and it gets outta hand. Ppl need to stop being immature and calm down. Jesus people take things serioulsy and stop being dumb weirdos. Lololol sucks to suck fellow americans have a great night bimbos. I need 7 more words ra ra

  • Yes, But the same can be argued for any country.

    The entire human race, Not just Americans are violent by nature. Every modern civilization is built upon a foundation of bloodshed. From a historical context, Every country has been in conflict regarding territory or some other resource. A better question would be "Are American's MORE violent than other people in general? " Unfortunately, The poster of this question is probably biased and didn't have the foresight to consider his/her own question more carefully.

    It's also worth noting that just as every country has its share of violent people, They also have their share of people who favor peaceful means. MLK is a prime example.

  • As some have said many times before. The loud ones are always heard over the majority of the group.

    As some have said many times before. The loud ones are always heard over the majority of the groups. This philosophy is what is happening to the republican and democratic parties nowadays. You have the extreme Nazis on the far right, And you have extreme Antifa rioters on the far left. Both sides have a majority of calm and civil people, It's just the small group of people that gather the attention that makes the majority look bad and unprofessional. If you come up to most Americans, They will be welcoming and civilized. If you come up to the far-right/leftists, You are making a mistake. Every country has these types of people, The issue is our country(the U. S. A. ) has the loudmouth extremists looking like the average American.

  • I disagree and here's why

    This question lumps every single person in the specific demographic of "American" as being violent, And that's a notion that I disagree with. That being said, I do believe that the US does have a historic tendency (from the military perspective) of taking violent pursuits as a means to power and wealth.

  • No they're Not

    They can't be Violent in the real world, You know some are, But some are not, Not all of them are violent, Because i try to make things right and why the answer is yes, That makes me upset, And i don't want this to happen in the fuckin truth!

  • This question is foolish and not scientific. I suspect anti-American bias as well.

    Plenty of human nature is violent, Though plenty of human behaviors are not. Nurturing, Charity, Altruism, Calm debates with enemies, Etc. So to start, Even saying "humanity is violent" is simplistic. But anyway the American population, Like any other population, Is not a monolith. America is mega-diverse. Different races, Cultures, Ideologies, Backgrounds, Ethnicity, Ethics, Etc. It's not possible or useful to label "330 million humans are X". Americans display violence. Americans also display love and generosity. Just like any other population, Specifically if we are talking countries that encourage individual liberty.

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Titanbear says2020-12-17T16:28:04.063
Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳Can we just get a long and not argue 😳😳😳😳

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