• Yes, the data is pointing to the sighns of them closing.

    While this holiday shopping season may have seen more spenders at malls, the over all data shows that the mall is loosing popularity. A major mall company known as Rolling Acres reported this year that in the coming decade they plan to shut down 15 to 50%. of their malls. More data from real estate markets shows that 15 percents of mall will be broke and close in the next 10 years. An other reason malls are loosing ground is because there online counterparts are growing by 20 percent each year.

  • Online shopoing rules

    Malls are quietly dying in some areas as online shopping is more popular and can be cheaper.During weekdays the malls are quiet and only at the weekend do they fill up when people come out as a family or to go to the theater. Stores are finding it costs too much to be in a mall and would rather have an online store to boost profits than to make rent and break even.

  • Yes, online shopping has taken over.

    Yes, America's shopping malls are dying because of the internet. They are dying because more and more people are using the internet because it's convenient and you don't have to leave your home. There are so many online sources that you don't have to leave your home to shop for most items. Malls will never be extinct, but we will see less of them in the future.

  • Yes, the rise of online shopping is leading to the death of American malls.

    Yes, America's shopping malls are dying due to the rise of online shopping vendors and choices. Almost all the stores that one can commonly find in malls have online stores where customers can shop for their favorite product. At times, vendors offer deals to their online customers that are not available for store shoppers. This has caused customers to increasingly focus on shopping online to get the best deal possible. More malls are thus as a result dying due to decreasing sales caused by the rise of online shopping.

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