• Yes, and they will continue to do so

    Until they show a genuine commitment to the role they state that they fill. Consistently, unions such as the AFL - CIO engage in bullying, lying, and political cronyism to enforce their will. A significant example of this is the UAW's massive use of lies to unionize a plant in Tennessee, telling workers outright falsehoods in an attempt to avoid a fair closed ballot election, and force themselves on the workers of the plant, who appear to be greatly opposed to the effort. The true importance in this lies in the fact that the union boss, Bob King, believes he is establishing a beachhead, when, in reality, he is encouraging the decline, as the public and the media, even on the left, has acknowledged this as a purely political action, and an attempt to deprive Right to Work states of their more favorable economic climate for workers and businesses (not only to RtW states feature significantly higher economic growth - real wages are much higher than in forced unionism states). All Americans, right or left, loathe the idea of being part of an organization that views them solely as a political tool and a meal ticket, much less one that impedes the free speech of their friends and neighbors by forcing them to contribute one of the largest proliferates of political corruption in the United States. Until unions see themselves as the property of their members, and treat non - members with respect rather than the sneering bloodlust of an overgrown bully, they will continue to lose respect, capital, and power, and I am, indeed, quite glad for that.

  • Yes, but not by their fault

    I believe Unions are losing power, but I don't think it's their fault or due to the general public not supporting unions. I think it's due to greedy politicians and greedy business owners blocking or crippling the union to the point where it can't do it's untended purpose. Then the union doesn't have enough power to leverage for fair wages or working conditions, and the business owner can turn it around and tell working the union isn't fighting hard enough for them. If people stood behind an empowered their unions, I think it would be good for business, good for people, and good for America.

  • Yes it's not the same these days

    Getting a union job used to be something that was a big deal 25 to 50 years ago it meant having stable income and probably not being fired.

    These days people are able to earn more outside of being stuck doing menial labor, people no longer want to work at the plant their dad and grandfather worked at.

    Unions have lost their power and appeal to workers over the years.

  • Yes, Rather Quickly

    Yes, America’s unions are losing power. Factories are closing their doors and moving to different states to squash unions, workers are afraid of retaliation and losing their jobs if they vote for a union and trade unions are being done out of jobs by right to work laws. All in all, unions are fast becoming powerless as people have realized there is absolutely nothing a union can do to save a person’s job. Over these last few years of joblessness, people have finally understood that the dues they paid their unions every month could do nothing to guarantee employment.

  • No, Unions are not losing power

    Unions are not losing power by any means. Any transition that might be perceived right now is only temporary, as the full effects have not yet settled in. Right to Work states have been growing because businesses like Non-Union situations. People don't always see the benefits of belonging to a union, so they may think it's a wonderful thing to stop paying due fees and just be an employee. After time working conditions will change, pay rates will decrease, and people will see that one of the many benefits of a democracy is the ability to band together as workers to fight for fair wages and a safe work place. Unions may see a decrease in funding short term, but will be more powerful and valuable than ever long term.

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