• Anarchism is destined to fail

    Anarchism is an inherently flawed system of beliefs. (Or lack thereof) If, Theoretically, We eradicated the Government, And all limitations on freedom, At its most basic level it would fail. By leaving it all up to the people, You set up a system in which medicine does not reach the masses, Food supply is either in short supply or kept by a local tyranny which would set itself up simply as a means to guarantee food. Sure, You might run across a township or two that gets food around, But they would probably be older folks running off of Christian morals and work ethics. (Correct me if I'm wrong facts wise, I'm only 14, I'm not too educated on these matters)

  • It always end with people killing other people

    When there is no authority, People will automatically start killing each other if they don't like each other, And there i sno one stopping them. The only way you are gonna survive is if you kill, Steal or make life miserable for others. So yeah Anarchism is very bad. Lets say that somebody attacks you and you aren't stronger then that person, Then there is nothing to do apart from begging for mercy

  • It's just idiotic.

    It's basically a political theology that opposes authority of all kinds. This means they can't even have a leader as that would also be an authority figure. There could be no laws as that would require people to bow to authority. Why buy things when no law says you can't just take it? Why make things to sell when others will just take it. Now nobody makes things you want or need so you either have to do bad things to others to get them or go without. This would be complete ruin for any country and leave it open to be taken over by other countries that will be the new authority ending the anarchist.

  • Anarchism is problematic on practical grounds.

    Anarchism itself is a fine idea; however, As a Marxist I have to side against it on practical reasons. Anarchism does not consider the historical connection of the state with the dominant mode of production and the tendency towards "residue" with which elements of the mode of production, The stuff that justifies the bourgeois state to begin with, Will remain. The other problem is how eliminate the possibility of the bourgeoisie effectively uniting as a class with political power.

  • Anarchism isn't bad in theory.

    Anarchism is about the absence of government authority that will dictate their lives. Instead, People decide among themselves what things are important and what they really need. It is about personal freedom, Which is not a bad thing. However, In a state of anarchy, An authority will eventually exist. Nevertheless, Anarchism isn't bad per se, It is only not practical.

  • Anarchism theory and practice

    Rojava Catalonia, Ukrianian free territory, There have experiments but only on a small scale has it ever really worked, Like many isms they sound great in theory, But fall short in practice, But Anarchists throw great parties so they are okay in my book, Marxists are boring.

  • Anarchy is freedom.

    No man has received from nature the right to give orders to others. Freedom is a gift from heaven, And every individual of the same species has the right to enjoy it as soon as he is in enjoyment of his reason. Power acquired by violence is only a usurpation, And lasts only as long as the force of him who commands prevails over that of those who obey.
    We should live in Anarchy because no one has the right to give orders to others, I'm not saying that we have to kill anyone we want, I'm saying that we have to live in freedom without killing each other, But loving each other. We have to live in a peaceful world where we love each other, We have to stop to think that we born with the authority to give orders to others, We have no authority, If we have authority there will be people that will be inferior to others, If nobody have authority we will be all equal. Nobody has the right to give orders to others.

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