Are anarchist punks degrading society's view of anarchy?

Asked by: Cheetah
  • Many of them are misinformed, hence misbehaving

    Whether your mailbox is knocked down or your is fence ripped-out, many people would imagine the one responsible would look like anarcho-punks. William Godwin's anarchy is just as valid of a thought as many other ideologies, but it seems like today that 'anarchy' is thrown around as a reference to braindead teenagers or criminals. I believe that punks that identify themselves as anarchists and people like Leon Czolgosz are the cause of why society have bad schema associating 'Anarchy'.

  • To understand "anarchy" you have to read anarchist writings

    But I am NOT an anarchist. Anarchy doesn't work and when I say it doesn't work I literally mean it isn't possible. Even in "Somalia" factions exercise a monopoly of force over a given area, maybe a town here or there or a couple of street blocks but it's still exercising a monopoly of force over a given area. Some versions of "anarchy" i.e. "anarchosyndicalism" or "anarchocapitalism" are cleverly disguised systems of government decentralist communism (decentralized means confederation not no government no matter how much you claim otherwise) and plutocracy. If you think these ideas have merit, fine but you're confusing everybody by calling them "anarchy". Worse yet intellectuals will say they are "anarchists" when really they are communists or plutocrats.

  • No they portray reality of Anarchism

    How much of a disaster anarchism is and always will be, is how these punks portrayed anarchism through their lifestyle and decisions. What is anarchism? No government, everyone does what they want and no stopping them. So, these punks have exercised that principle in their own lives. Anarchists need to realize that hell will be unleashed onto everyone in an anarchy - look at Somalia, and you still need a government as a force to stop members of society of killing each other.

    Posted by: Viet
  • Hell, no, why?

    The real punks were in the late '70's and early '80's of which I was one. We were around when the English kids were revolting against the joblessness and lack of future for the youth. The punks now are knocks offs like the Prada purses you get in the Village. CBGB's is gone and with it the real punk scene left. I was there when the Ramones debuted. Theses guys weren't even a thought in a condom.

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