• Oldsmobile is iPhone

    IPhone is made of premium quality stuff, Yes, Thank you; Aluminum case, High resolution screen, Rigid hardware, And safe software. But Android is more computer-like; you have to be familiar with the language of computers and the accent of technology; you have more control over devices with android platform, But you can’t expect your grandma be able to handle it. That’s the case.

  • IPhone users are mostly people that don't know anything about tech and think think Android is to complicated an of course it's "Not an iPhone"

    The reason that successful collage students almost always have iPhone is because they want the new thing that is popular and don't care how much it is because they are now seen having an iPhone and almost everyone that has an iPhone is because they think that Android is to confusing to them and they don't know much about tech and they see someone else that has one and says that oh they have one so I should have one! I don't care if they are removing features and increasing the price if everyone else has one then it must be a good idea! It is so stupid!

  • Yes, they are!!!

    Apple users are your general run down idiots that wasted their money in such a rogue company, now we all know some people like cheap phones that were made by wong tong chong junior then charged a lot of money then it costs. But you gotta think Android sounds a lot more intelligent than iPhone, "I phone" dumb dumb said. That's a title I'd except from a cave man.

  • A Stupid Device Doesn't Determine Your Intelligence

    They're average phones and people have preferences. I've met dull and bright people who own iPhones and Androids. Need I say more?
    There were studies that supoosedly showed greater intelligence in people who owned iPhones but they didn't happen to measure their actual IQ. However, Android users are much more honest and care less about social status than the average iPhone user. None of this proves any kind of genuine superior intelligence to one another.

  • No, Android phone users are not smarter than iPhone users.

    Anyone who resorts to a simplistic, reductionist argument such as this is clearly very lacking in subtly of thought. Obviously there are a great deal of very smart people who, for whatever reason, are not as inclined as some others to explore the nether regions of computers and other technology, and for this reason prefer the ease of use of an iPhone. For those who want to geek out on tech, Android is the obvious choice, but that doesn't mean that one is smarter than the other.

  • Neither are smarter than the other.

    As much as I love bagging on iPhone users, because the phone itself is less advanced as a Samsung Galaxy yet costs more, I don't think personal preference makes someone smarter than another person. I don't have anything else to say so here's filler to get the required word count.

  • No Correlation Exists

    I don't think you will ever be able to prove how smart or how much smarter one person is compared to another and find a way to link that based solely on which type of cell phone they use. I think its a matter of style and advertisement preference that people will purchase based on.

  • The choice of smartphone brand is more emotional than intellectual

    Android phone users are neither intrinsically smarter or less intelligent than iPhone users. The capabilities of the phones today are essentially the same for all but a very small percentage of users, so the choice to use one or the other is largely emotional. Apple is a polarizing brand, with its adherents and detractors. Even if the decision is made for monetary reasons, that doesn't make someone smarter, just more practical.

  • Android phone users are not smarter than iPhone users.

    Various studies have been conducted to determine who is smarter than who when it comes to Android and iPhone users. The results of most of these studies have concluded that iPhone users are smarter than those who use Android phones. This is because populations with high iPhone usage had more college graduates as compared populations where Android phones were used more.

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