Are animal lives more valuable than human lives (abortion)?

Asked by: AveryFisher
  • Yes and No

    The reason why the earth was even made was that something that I have no idea of. But the life of a fully-formed human is from monkeys / Gorillas / Apes. All humans came first from these animals.
    Although humans need to live other types of animals shall also live. The problem where do we all get food from? So Humans AND Animals shall all live. If one day humans die off at least the monkeys can reform to more. When animals die off humans don't get food, Die off too and that's basically the end of the world.

  • Humans are just like animals - wars terrors deaths exploitation by the rich

    Humans are just like animals - wars terrors deaths exploitation by the rich. The proof is all over the news. Plus human cruelty and explotaion amongst each other, And kills other animals. Human are definitely one of the most evil animal in this very flawed world called Earth.
    So look around you, Already plenty of proof, Birth decline rates in rich countries, Etc,
    while only poor countries have birth rate increases. Its gonna be a BAD future for humanity.
    PETA be praised!

  • Hooman babies are more important.

    Humans life is precious. Animal lufe is important. But say a lady doesn't want her child. Most women will chose abortion, But that. Is. WRONG. One a child is conceived it is alive. Nothing gives you the right to end a human's without their consent. This is murder. And you bet your sweet ass that on judgement day, It ain't gonna go well. Now day someone doesn't want a puppy or kitten or baby bunny. People give it away. What makes it so important that animals are allowed to always live when not wanted( unless they are given to those places where after 3 days they are killed) and that unwanted babies are usually just killed without remorse. Just think about that.

  • Totally disagree here!

    One of the first things that forms in a human fetus is the heart, And when you "abort" that baby you are stopping a heart that isn't yours, And that should be considered murder. If you regret having the baby, Than give it away after birth (even though statistically speaking there is a very small chance you will because instincts will kick in).

  • We are humans, Not animals!

    Sure, We are classified by mammals in many ways, And in others, We are treated superior. The reality is, Whether you believe we're the same or more, We're not like the rest of the world's living creatures. We are more evolved overall, With more intelligence, And abilities. If you look at abortion, That is an incorrect thing, Because we are basically killing our own child. How many animals do you see killing their own child that they struggled with. Very few do. Even the most dangerous animals, Protect their young ones from harm in any way. Why don't we?
    A bear will probably look at a human without any sort of value. So we being humans, We should make ourselves the most important, Rather than it being some creatures that we share this Earth with.

  • No, Human lives are more important

    " 'And God blessed them, And God said unto them, Be fruitful, And multiply, And replenish the earth, And subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, And over the fowl of the air, And over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. ' (Gen. 1:28, King James Version). "

  • No lives matter

    Nothing gives any life any objective value. Any value given to life is subjective and has no basis for being correct. What makes your view on the lives of fetuses or animals more correct than others? Few animals have any moral objection to the killing of another being, Are their views on life morally wrong or just different?

  • Of course not

    Democrats are all about animal rights saying 'they want to live too' do you think human fetuses don't want to live either? Any living thing has the right to live (with some exceptions) once the fetus is formed, Its not your body anymore. Its another living thing, Something you don't have the right to kill. And murdering the most innocent lives is just plain wrong.

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