• Yes, if their was an "Even Better" Box, i'd chose that

    I don't understand why people think animals have no brain, worthless and just food. What are we zombies? I swear today we care about nothing but ourselves and their is just a select few who feel the same way as me, and those are the caring, compassionate people, they have feelings to you know, so you guys should start acting like we know!

  • I'm pretty sure they're not....

    Have you ever seen a dog try to make scrambled eggs? It doesn't work out very well. A human however can make an excellent plate of scrambled eggs. Have you ever seen a human swimming 60 miles per hour? Nope. A sailfish, on the other hand, can swim over 60 miles per hour.

  • We're not like animals at all.

    There's no excuse to hurt or kill any form of nature, period. But there's no point in making us equals either. Some animals are subservient to us, some are too strong. But we can't put them in the same category that makes us human; civilized. Animals are unique, and so are we.

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