• Animals are unreplaceable.

    Just like many things, Like human beings ourselves, Animals are unreplaceable compared to robots. Animals cannot be hacked, Animals can be loved, And can exist without us. Animals are unique creations of evolution/god(s) (whatever you choose) and are robots are not. Animals love us, They aren't programmed to love us.

  • We are wasting too many resources. . .

    We are wasting too many resources and relying too much on inventions, And if/when we run out, Then we will not be used to it and then we will crumble (not literally) and all die out, So we need to cut down on resources drastically because it will be worth it for our future generations.

  • Maybe not anymore

    Animals are evolutionary dross, Just as most humans are evolutionary dross, Just as all humanity will eventually end up the same. Robots will inevitably end up as evolutionary dross also. But at this moment in time robots have succeeded animals in evolutionary importance. Organic evolutionary mechanisms were broad and slow and all parts have and will have served their purpose. Electromechanical evolution is more rapid, Exponentially so and all parts have and will have served their purpose also. Until such times when all matter is converted to information and becomes the tangible remnant of the creation and the universe. And time and information shall once more collapse to the state of impossibility and possibility.

  • Animals are not better!

    I prefer robots over birds, I prefer robots over mammals, I prefer robots over insects, I prefer robots over reptiles, Most reason that i prefer robots over animals. I vote for robots in a war against animals, I prefer robots over hippos, I prefer robots over snakes, And i prefer robots over bears.

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