• There are a Lot of Homosexual Animals.

    1500 species exhibit homosexual behavior. Lions have sex with their brothers to strengthen loyalty. In geese, a male will mate with another male. Certain chimpanzees will give each other oral among the family, including male on male and female on female. It's not really an opinion, it's actually a fact that there are homosexual animals.

  • In short: Yes, individual animals can be. Long answer:

    Yes, it is quite possible for any individual animal, of basically any species, though generally mammals and birds are more likely to be overt about it, to be homosexual. It's not a case of 'dominance' or mistaken identity in most examples, either. Only comparatively few species will use sexual attributes or displays to show dominance, while numerous species have shown signs of having exclusively homosexual individuals. Also, humans count as animals.

  • Law of Nature

    The presence of same-sex sexual behaviour was not scientifically observed on a large scale until recent times. Homosexual behaviour does occur in the animal kingdom outside humans, especially in social species, particularly in marine birds and mammals, monkeys, and the great apes. Homosexual behaviour has been observed among 1,500 species, and in 500 of those it is well documented.

  • Nature is natural.

    With over 450 different animal species engaging in homosexual behavior, it is hard to say that homosexual activity isn't natural. It's a fact that there are homosexual animals and many sources confirm this behavior. Do the research yourself... You would be surprised how much you find out. I know I was!

  • It is only natural

    Any kid who has watched a pack of dogs will soon witness canine sodomy of the first order. I worked on a dairy and on the first day I saw female cows mount each other. Just pay attention to nature and everything will be revealed to you. Remember, it`s just sex.

  • Homosexual animal do exist

    its caused by genes or phenomena happening in the uterus during pregnancy. If the receptors of testosterone in the brain are not working or less sensitive the animal is definitely gay. Moreover homosexuality exists in nature. As a proof of the existence of gay animals visit this link .

  • Animals Are Not Gay

    I do not believe that there are gay animals. This is a human trait in origination. I firmly believe that animals stick closely to nature and their real purposes. I do not believe that animals are given any thought to the idea of being gay. They simply follow the plan of nature.

  • This term has to do with humans only.

    Animals are not gay. If you see a male dog trying to mount another male dog it is absolutely normal. Animals will sometimes do this as a sign of dominance over another animal. Gay refers to the relationship between humans of the same sex and not between animals of the same sex.

  • Dominance, Not Love

    Homosexuality is sexual and romantic desire for another person of the same sex. Note the word person, as I do not believe animals can have emotions on the same level as humans, but also, I agree with others - dominance does not necessarily mean sexual desire. In addition, perhaps it is simply libido that drives a male animal to participate in sexual acts with another male animal, or the same for females; the desire or need for sexual release through orgasm does not necessarily mean animals are gay.

  • Fun or reproduction?

    The animals were designed to reproduce and don't have the sexual urges unless driven by smell from either the male of female. They don't go looking for what we have learned to call satisfaction. In mounting another of the same sex it is dominance. There may be attachment and family in the animals but the 60's brought us the free sex and called it love. Now here we are thinking it is love when the truth is it is sex, going no where but to bed. And we are not animals and they are not human.

  • They Do What Comes Naturally

    Animals, for the most part, do what comes naturally in order to make their species survive. That means males inseminate females in higher orders, while lower orders simply split apart to multiply. Animals aren't gay because they need to breed whereas humans, who have more complex brains, have time to think about what they want for their lives.

  • Myth vs Science

    To Western science, homosexuality (both animal and human) is an anomaly, an unexpected behavior that above all requires some sort of "explanation" or "cause" or "rationale." In contrast, to many indigenous cultures around the world, homosexuality and transgender are a routine and expected occurrence in both the human and animal worlds. In summary, the homosexual movement's attempt to establish that homosexuality is in accordance with human nature, by proving its animal homosexuality theory, is based more on mythological beliefs and erroneous philosophical tenets than on science.

  • It's bi, not homo

    It's simple, they still understand how to and do reproduce even though some of them did homosexual activity.
    The most acceptable condition when animals don't reproduce is due trauma.
    So much people only see the homosexual part and choose to ignore the rest. If you want to argue that homosexuality is acceptable in the animal kingdom please fine an academic way to prove it.

  • Animals are not gay!

    I have never heard of another animal prefer only the same sex. Notice the wording in the gay argument. "Shows homosexual tendencies" That's because a male dog will never only prefer another male dog. If a male dog jumps another male dog it's strictly instinct. GAY is unique only to humans and that's because it's an environmentally conditioned disorder.

  • I don't think that's a term to use with animals.

    Do animals participate in homosexual behavior? Certainly. There are a lot of cases of that and I'm sure it's happening as I type this. But are animals gay? No. If your dog was participating in homosexual behavior, I highly doubt this would lead you to telling people that your dog is gay. I think that animals just do whatever they feel like, and this can lead to a lot of different things.

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