• I think they can

    We slaughter animals, we torture them, we even BURN THEM ALIVE FOR SOCIAL STATUS! I think that if we can torture them, they can torture us back. If we can kill them, they can kill us. If you think they are not justified to kill then you are not educated in what we do to the poor animals.

    Posted by: SBDM
  • Killing is cruel

    If you are an animal,do you like being hunting all the time?
    A lot of hunters hunt animals for food or their precious fur,but do you like being eaten by others? I think no.If you want to eat animals,research saids that if we stop eating animals,their will prevent 80% (I am not sure about how many % their will be)people getting sick.

  • Killing is rude

    They should not be kill. Animals deserve to live as much as we do. Why would you want to live without animals. They love people that will not try to kill them. Animals are going down and down of the number of them. But why would you want to kill a endangered animals. It's just sad

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