• Fuck yea they are.

    Anime girls are very hot. Me, Myself, Has foot fetish so i like going to deviantart and looking at anime feet pics. Yea. Anime girls are cute. I wish i can travel to the anime dimension and marry Uraraka from my hero academia. Lol lol lol lol lol lol.

  • Y not dudes

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  • This is completely perverse.

    The picture says it all. This is an example of PORNOGRAPHY. Pornography can mess you up real, Real bad. I've been there, And it's not pretty. Women are not sexual objects, They are human beings! I should know, I am one.
    Babies are cute. Puppies. . . Well, I'm not a puppy person, But they're cuter than anime girls. Anime girls were created by men so that men can stare at them sexually! Anime girls are NOT cute, They're PERVERSE!

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