• Yes they make me fucking rock hard and I cum without touching my dick.

    Anime girls are bewilderingly attractive and they make me want to tear out my rectum and feed it to a fucking hamster im so turned on by the thumbnail to this debate I want to suck my own dick so badly dear christ. Anime girls statistically are better than real women because A) They don't talk back. B) They're fucking hot as cunt. C) They can look any way you want them to. Thank you for listening

  • Yes they are

    Because fuck you. Anime tiddies are love. Anime tiddies are life. Thick thighs save lives. Anime grills aer good because they thicc and very good. If you don't think that then you need to have your kidneys revoked and your tongue punctured with a rusty forkk. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  • Yess they r hot.

    The anime production r very intense to make hot anime girl character to catch audience eyes

    Rather falling behind moral to dressing codes
    They design weird girls outfit for there

    Important is that.
    Anime character rather then story they focus on girls ecchi concepts of attraction to viewer's

  • Over hyped stereotype

    They may have a fine body but their face looks off. It is the face of a child unrealistic eyes. They have fake attitudes and very high pitched voices and just scream and break down emotionally for no reason.
    I like jessica rabbit and wonder woman and super girl and the black cat.

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