Are anti-bullying campaigns doing more harm than good?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Absolutely they are

    Anti-bullying campaigns teach kids that any type of unkind behavior or behavior that somehow hurts your feelings is "bullying." Bullying is an essential part of growing up and learning how to deal with unkind people and to manage hurt feelings as children helps us cope with such situations as adults. People have bullied each other since ancient times (including kids) and only now people are committing suicide.

  • Yes I'm afraid, more harm than we all think

    You should always run away and tell someone about your problems, because in real life...Someone else will always come and take care of your problems for you, you won't ever have to be responsible or accountable for your own problems no matter who or what causes them. Just make sure you run, run fast and get far away from your problems, don't ever stare them down, don't ever challenge your fears, don't ever stand up for what you know is right, just run away and get someone else to fix it for you.

    These are the fundamental principles of the anti-bullying crap that we drill into kids' heads today.

  • The policy does nothing to the bullies

    The other YES comments on this post really opened my eyes!

    The whole anti-bully policy concentrates on having kids giving in to the bullies! The policy says to stay away, wear clothes so you blend in more, ignore the teasing, etc. The bullies continue, or move onto another kid. Either way, the bully wins.
    NOTHING ever happens to the bully, schools claim that they have bully prevention, but, it is really telling the victims to hide.

  • We should do nothing instead?!

    People don't send their children in schools to teach how to be bullied, but how not to do it or accept it.

    Bullying campaigns by far, haven't touched the note with children, because they're kinda impersonal and incomplete.

    The knowledge has to come first from children's own family. Since so many children are victims of domestic violence in their own homes, and then again in school, you can't expect appeal to children alone to change much. So children think it's 'normal' as their parents and environment taught them to.

    Kick a baby, a puppy, your wife, your classmate, it's all inevitable part of growing up.

    VIOLENCE IS NOT NORMAL. If it is for you, you need to go to psychiatrist or back to caves. At least keep it to your self.

    Violence is a choice.

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