Are anti-drug campaigns helpful in preventing drug use in teenagers?

  • To some extent, yes

    Teenagers are hard to convince sometimes, they seem to be determined to do their own thing no matter what you tell them. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't keep telling. We should keep warning them about the dangers of drug use. They do listen, somewhat. Perhaps hearing the warning will save a kid or two from taking the wrong step.

  • They are brainwashing

    The "facts" aren't even true! If the stupid people in charge of these campaigns would give ACTUAL facts, there would be less drug problems. I honestly can't believe people believe that BS. Plus, its not like drugs are even that bad, especially when compared to what the average american has in their medicine cabinet. You people need to wake up and stop taking prescription drugs which will ruin your brain if you do them too much(which everyone does)

  • No, they encourage the behavior.

    No, anti-drug campaigns are not helpful in preventing drug use in teenagers, because the campaigns only make drugs an issue in a teenager's life. While some teenagers do drugs, others do not, and talking about drugs in school only makes doing drugs an option to all teenagers. It is better if parents educate their children on the dangers of drugs.

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