• Probably more that pro-gun supporters are.

    You can't take a minority of a group and make it into the whole group. Rational people don't expect guns to vanish if a government makes it illegal. Doesn't it makes sense that if it's harder to get then less people will have it? Do you think the people that start shootouts and kill dozens of people would have had a gun if they couldn't walk across the street and buy a gun? There is no reason to have a gun. What good is a weapon that's sole purpose is to injure and kill? How is that a 'right' to have?

  • Are gun supporters thinking it through?

    Probably as many anti-gun people think it through as pro-gun people. It needs to be more than just an emotional plea for 'let me have my gun because 'Merica, yeah'.
    The fact that gun crimes in the US is rampant is beyond any reason to keep hold of guns. They should be regulated. It's completely irrational for people to say they're thinking it rationally through that people should hold onto guns.
    Of course, there are inevitably people on either side who don't think it through rationally, but pro-gun people are probably less likely to think it through, to be fair.

  • No. Enter the Dragon Program Needed.

    No Guns = No Gun Murders/Crime --- What a nice pipe dream.

    Just because you make something illegal doesn't mean society will comply. Case-In-Point, America's War on Drugs. How's that working out for us?

    For all those anti-gun people out there, I propose a program we can call "Enter the Dragon"; we can even make it a reality TV show. This program would be VERY simple; start by getting rid of any personal security you may have including community security, now go about your normal daily life. At some point during say a 60 day period, a random fake break-in occurs at your residence by an armed rapist, burglar, murder, etc. Your job is to stay alive until help arrives.

    You have to realize what's going on quick enough to call 911 in order to get the process started, let's hope your phone is close by, it's not password protected, and you're far enough away from the entry point to dial 911. Let's say you have time to dial 911, now you have to figure out a way to keep your family safe while you wait. The average response time to an emergency response is about 7 minutes. Most American's don't have 10,000 sq ft house so hide well.

    The intruder has a gun, knife, machete, or other weapon; he wants to do what every violent criminal wants to do, hurt or kill you just because, no reason needed; yes bad people murdering just because do exist.

    Now, once the first officer arrives he will need to wait for backup before entering the premises; it's protocol. Once backup arrives they need to head in and start sweeping the house room by room to ensure they don't walk by a room then get shot in the back by a criminal they didn't think to look for. The master bedroom is usually in the back of the house, on the second floor; since this is where you will most likely be hiding, it will be the last place the officers get to.

    Let's be generous and say it takes 7 minutes for this to all happen. How would you protect yourself from being killed for 7 LONG terrifying minutes?

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