• Yes - When not used properly

    Antibiotics when used properly are not dangerous, they save lives. The problem comes when patients and doctors use antibiotics on common colds, stop using them before the dosing runs out, use antibiotics that are not strong enough for the infection, or use them on viral infections. There are antibiotic resistant bugs that are evolving due to the misuse of the drugs that are increasingly deadly.

  • Antibiotics themselves aren't dangerous at all.

    Antibiotics themselves have helped save millions of lives and continue to do so. The problem comes in when people don't use them as directed, or, even worse, when doctors pass them out like candy for things that they are not useful for.

    In short, antibiotics are not dangerous at all. It's when they're misused by humans that they can pose a danger, so it's not the antibiotics that are dangerous but the human error.

  • No they save lives.

    Antibiotics are not dangerous, but the people who use them could potentially show risk factors. People who abuse antibiotics and use them often may cause the body to shut down or become immune to them. Our bodies are evolving and antibiotics are making us stronger and less sick. The real scary thing is the amount of fake drugs that are being sold for the real thing.

  • No, not when used correctly.

    Antibiotics were an essential turning point in modern medicine. Millions of lives have been saved by antibiotics and they remain an important tool for doctors. Concerns about overuse or antibiotic resistant bacteria are extremely valid, but these are issues related to user error, not the antibiotic itself. Proper education about the risks of not taking the full dose could correct such issues.

    However, antibiotics are not inherently dangerous and should not be treated like a controlled substance or otherwise limited if a person truly needs the prescription.

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