• Yes, Antibiotics are being misused and overused

    Antimicrobial resistance is a recently exposed issue that has sparked an outcry of many contradicting views, from its millions of users. A triggered controversial topic from the discovered antimicrobial resistance pathogens. By doing so it is thought to help decrease the building of resistance against antibiotics, to increase their efficiency in vital medical procedures.

  • Antibiotics for viruses ??

    We are being given antibiotics for things that are not even bacterial infections. Look you have a viral infection, let's give you antibiotics or, look you've got a runny nose lets, give you antibiotics or even look you have spots, let's give you, yep, you guessed it, antibiotics. They are being far to overused, by doctors prescribing them and by the people taking them.

  • Yes, antibiotics have been proven ineffective.

    Antibiotics are supposed to be used to treat bacterial infections like strep throat. The use of antibiotics on other types of illnesses is ineffective. Antibiotics have also been proven to cause bacteria to mutate and become resistant to the antibiotic that once killed them. The mutation is caused by the bacteria becoming immune to the antibiotic. To build an immunity to something you have to be exposed to it often. So doctors are creating a population of bacteria that are immune to any antibiotic, including the ones created to kill them. Stronger bacteria means more time in the laboratory trying to kill them.

  • We are too dependent on antibiotics.

    All the doctor prescribes anymore is antibiotics! You have a cold? Here take an antibiotic, don't let your immune system or body do its job because it'll do it incorrectly. Antibiotics are becoming a drug that everyone is becoming dependent on,. What if it doesn't work? Then you get off the antibiotic and let your body fight the infection or disease, or get put on a different antibiotic that has more side effects and can do even more damage to your body than the one before can.

  • No, but they are used INCORRECTLY

    The problem with antibiotics is that idiots are not using them correctly. They are not taking the correct dosages for the correct amount of time. They need to be taken for the ENTIRE length of time that a doctor prescribes. Too many people stop taking them when they start to feel better and do not finish their regimen. This is what creates resistances and SUPER diseases.

  • No I do not think antibiotics are overused because I have not seen it.

    I personally have not used antibiotics in months and I doubt that it is being overused. If my doctor tells me to use antibiotics a little more than usual I see no problem in that. I do not see why people would overuse antibiotics, everybody should know that there is a limit.

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