• New Athiests are always full of new ideas!

    New Atheists do present new ideas in order to promote their thinking and beliefs which are a bit different from other individuals. Their target is to make everyone a free thinker and in order to do so, they are always presenting new ideas in order to attract younger generation to their way of living.

  • Rebutall To Religion

    I believe there is one major idea that presented by New Atheists and that new idea is the fact that religion needs to be tackled. New Atheists not only deny God, they also seek to spread the word, much in the way the Catholic Church once put so much work into spreading Christianity.

  • No there are no new ideas

    No there are no new ideas being presented by New Atheists they are just controversial and have issues in their own lives currently. They don't want to believe that there is a God out there they would want to ruin hope for anyone that has none. They claim that if you pray to a milk jug that you would get the same results.

  • New Atheists have nothing new to offer

    The ideas presented by New Atheists are no different to the ideas presented by Atheists in times gone by. There have always been people who have thought that traditional religions should be criticised and questioned and have disagreed with the indoctrination of people into a faith. People hundreds of years ago had the same ideas.

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