• By the definition they give you, yes.

    Now most popular religions, you only hear about the good the god's done so you receive a biased piece of information explaining that the god is perfect, there's more evidence stating that they're perfect than they're not so if you throw your opinion aside and rely on facts (Stories that may or may not be true but have historical value and everyone knows historical value also means its fact). You'd find that a god would be considered perfect.

  • First of all they are all different so that cant all be perfect

    Take the christian god for instance. He put adam and eve here with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and decided that if they ate from the tree there descendants (the entire human race) would have to suffer from evil and hell. In exodus 20:5 it says that god is a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of the parents. Also in the great flood he drowned every kid in the world for the sins of their parents. Animals too. This god also says that sex is wrong while the results of it are good and intended by god. It says god makes every kid the way that they are. Now how can this be if god didnt intend on us having sex with multiple partners as they couldnt be the way that they are if we didnt have sex with multiple people.

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