Are apartment rental websites like Rentseeker.Ca and Kijiji.Ca growing the apartment rental industry?

Asked by: Dstaff
  • Yes, but not a major factor.

    Of course having a quick method to find affordable apartments definitely helps growth in the rental industry, right now there is a huge boom apartment construction due to mass migration to cities from rural areas that lack jobs and infrastructure. Also wages have been stagnant for so long that many people have lost their home orcan no longer afford it and have resorted to renting.

  • I think they are directly causing the growth in the industry

    It used to be very difficult for a commoner to advertise his apartment to a large bracket of people without spending a lot, now with websites like Kijiji.Ca and RentSeeker.Ca it is much cheaper (or even free) thus resulting in a lot more apartments for rent. More apartments for rent means a bigger industry.

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