• Apple's Computers are better

    Because, of many reasons. First Apple computers are faster than Windows in games and work. They also don't lag, depending on which you have. Microsoft's computers need a virus for them to work, and also they are more complicated to use. Apple's computers are good for gaming and work. So, they are superior than Microsoft's. Every Computer created from Apple is better than Microsoft's. No matter if its surface. That announcement that Microsoft made comparing the Surface with the Macbook Air, they only have to reasons: Surfaces are touch and can be separated from the keyboard, no more. Macbook Air is easier to use and fast browsing without lagging. Including Minecraft. If you are playing Minecraft with a Microsoft computer it will lag you a lot, but if your using a Mac, its not going to lag one bit.

  • Cuz I hav 1

    Thank you. I hav Mac so I support this Sid. Windows is ok but I prefer Mac. I m only righting dis becuz I need moor words to post this amazingly intelligent opinion that is far more superior than urs u bloody pcs mother bloody guys ok I am almost done ok bye

  • Apple hardware and software integration.

    Apple optimizes its OS, releases important updates that significantly improves the current operating system.

    Both hardware and software controlled and planned by apple. There are strict measures on the type of hardware, in addition, Apple has contracts with only selected hardware manufacturers that match their criteria. Apple products are designed by Apple itself.

    Advantages: Older macs can run El Capitan or Mac OS sierra.
    The market for Mac hardware is the same as for PCs. No overpriced as some might think. Getting an used MacBook is affordable plus there is no need for new MacBook.

    Applications, Integration, Hardware gives no problems.

    No exaggerated decline in value of MacBooks 2012-2017

    Apple is not hard to use. It is more simple!!!!! (Get out of your comfort zone!)

    Excellent build.

    I am not a fan boy. I had been using Windows PCs more than MacBooks.

    2015 is when I started using MacBooks.

  • It looks Better

    It looks better, with its nice,sleek design. I really don't think Microsoft fanboys can argue with this, as Apple made the first colorful computers. After that, Windows started copying them. Also, they are extremely thin, and the graphics ares better, as well as the fact that they don't overheat AND have bigger monitors.

  • The Apple is Better

    Apple has a lot less bugs and crashes in it. There is hardly any lag in it unless you have a very old mac. Windows however... Is different.

    1. You have to pay for each Windows OS update. - OS X is free.
    2. Windows machines are generally not designed as well as Macs.
    3. Macs have two buttons on the mouse, not one... If you use a mouse with only one button, this can be resolved with a mouse click + control-click.
    4. The latest iMac has a retina 5K display which blows all window machines out of the water.
    5. Etc., etc., etc.....

  • Apple is better

    Apple applications work faster and more efficient. Apple computers are easier to access and more organized. They are also easier when it comes to installing/downloading software and less likely to lag. Even if you are more of a Windows fan, you can install a Windows program on your Apple computer. Apple is better and has better-looking products.

  • Complete and absolute failure...

    Ok, did any of the Mac users research anything before saying anything, because first of all it does not matter what operating system you use it will get you the same performance. The hardware within the computer is what matters, an Intel core i7 will be faster at downloading, gaming, and working on online jobs, than a Intel core i3.
    Second I personally like windows only because of how it is designed, its simpler for me and I grew up with it, Mac is new to me so in my eyes its confusing.
    Third, YOU CAN BUY A DIFFERENT MOUSE! The mouse you get can always be changed even if its built-in.
    Fourth lag, its so simple either check your internet or get a new processing system for your computer.
    Fifth, every computer now days is weak, they need more reinforcement within the design, I dont know how many computers are dropped every day but I know it sucks when it happens.

    Hope this helps

  • Masters of Marketing

    Apple computers are not bad, but they're blatantly overpriced. You can buy a PC with the same specifications as an apple computer for a lot less. People buy Apple computers because:
    A. Apple is first and foremost an expert at advertising, not electronics
    B. It's a status purchase, meaning it is bought not for its power, but for the brand name.
    C. They don't personally know much about computers and have been recommended by friends.

    That's at least my opinion. If you do anything other than browse Facebook and Youtube, you'll do yourself a favor and get a PC.

  • 1 mouse button.

    Macs only have one mouse button. Windows and non crap OS' have two mouse buttons. Speed and and lag are based on internet connections and hardware not OS. Microsofts pc's do not require a virus to work. Minecraft will do fine with a Microsoft pc as long as you have the hardware to support that game. Mac's are finely made and all but if they have bad hardware then they will lag.

  • So wrongly said...

    First of all regarding your first statement I have to point out that Mac in general is not necessarily faster, remember that compared to the Mac product line Windows, which in my opinion I think you generalized a lot, has a very broad variety of computers because is is not as exclusive as Apple, this said there is a broad variety of computers that not only matches the Mac's performance but doubles, triples or I dare say quadruples.

  • Why would you believe Mac is better

    The hardware in most Windows PC's are far superior to mac/Apple PC's
    Apple is a great company and there PC's are great on paper until they are stacked next to windows PC it cant measure up . Also windows OS is what i grew up one and to me it makes more since.

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