• Apples are MOST DEFINITELY a meat! Anyone who thinks it's not is WRONG!

    I guess I just start out with not all apples are meat. Just the red ones are. Why? Because red is a meat color. Apples provide a lot of protein, which only meats and dairy products do. And apples are clearly not a dairy product, everybody knows that. Anyway, apples are also a meat because they need to be processed like meat is. On farms they have cows which are meat, which makes apples meat. Common sense.

  • Apples ARE Meat

    Apples are red and steak is red therefore with steak being a meat that means apples are meat. The word apple has the letter p in it and so does pork and with pork being a meat it is clearly evident that apples are also meat. I believe this is enough evidence to prove that apples are meat.

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  • That mf meat

    My guy apples are for sure meat they got skin just like cows n pigs and they also red like meat and they got a p in it just like pork so they meat it’s pretty obvious and if you think otherwise u off the goop idk what a “fruit” is but apple is meat big dawg

  • Apples are the essence of God himself which makes it a meat product

    Apples we're created by the God and meat was created by God as well which makes apples meat. This statement can be backed up by God himself. Yes, He told me that apples are meat so that makes it true. It's also an undocumented page in the Bible. So by default, Apples are meat

  • Apples are meat because they are meat

    They are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat.

  • Apples are meat

    They are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat they are meat because they are meat

  • Apples are reptiles

    Apples, unlike soy don't give milk so they are not mammals, they can have various collors what is a reptile trait, like shown in the history of the Snow White they can be poisonous just like snakes, and just like snakes they attack by stealth ways (see Isaac Newton, attacked by a wild apple). Most of the apples can't live in the water so they are not amphibians, but there exceptions just like there is a water snake there is a water apple. So eating an apple you would be eating meat.

  • Apples are meat

    I identify as an apple, and I consider myself meat therefore apples must apparently be meat. There are multiple colors of apples too, so myself, being a gay apple, can also defend that apples can be considered gay meat. With these logical reasons apples are most definetly a good meat.

  • Apples are meat and anyone who disagrees is an idiot.

    Just because scientists say that apples are a "fruit" does not mean that they are one. Scientists also once told us that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Apples also start red when they are under-cooked, just like steak. As the apple is cooked longer the color changes to yellow, then to green. Just as steak changes to a brownish color when it is cooked longer. Steak also happens to be a meat and with these similarities between the two the evidence is clear. APPLES. ARE. MEAT!

  • Excuse me? I am OFFENDED by this question.

    The definition of MEAT is as follows: "the flesh of an animal, typically a mammal or bird, as food."
    According to the definition above, apples are clearly not an example of meat. For goodness sake, just think to yourself, meat is produced from animals, flesh of mammals. Apples are grown on TREES! Apples are grown from the ground!
    Clearly, there is no further way to distinguish between this argument and this is a RIDICULOUS argument so I'm not gonna waste any more of my time.

  • ...What the Heck?

    What kind of question is this? No, apples are not meat. Apples grow on trees. Trees are plants. Ergo, apples are plants. Ok? Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?V ok? Ok? V ok? Ok? Ok?Ok? V ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok?Vv ok? Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok?Ok? Ok? Ok? Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok?Ok? Ok? Ok?

  • Y'all are fucking dumb smh.

    You don't deserve to go to heaven. Satan is waiting for you in hell. You are going to burn for eternity right beside the homophobes you fucking idiots. You absolute idiots. Pathetic. I can't even stand reading all these fucking dumb and scientifically wrong comments. Your arguments have literally no merit. Fuck you, And you, And you too. You all are unworthy of my love and respect. Apples are fish btw.

  • Absolutey defintely nit

    Aplle is nit meot because meat as defined aby dictionary dot com is "flesh of an animal" keep in mind ANIMAL. Apples are not animals. My reason for this: have you ever seen an apple take a dump? No. You haven't. Because that is a cracterstic only f ANIMAKs. POINT STATED

  • Noooo they are not

    Apples are not meat. Apples are fruits. Anyone who says yes I guess everything red is meat. Look at this fire truck ohh it’s meat. Meat it the flesh of an animal, are apples flesh from an animal NO. Apple is a fruit grown from a tree to disperse its seeds.

  • Apples are a fruit

    Apples are fruit cause they are sweet and juicy yes they are red but if you have ever tasted an apple peel they are also very sweet and juicy they do not taste like meat at all. I believe people are watching too much tv and want to believe apples are meat so bad and they are getting their information from all the wrong places and listening to so many dumb people those people are easily persuaded and manipulated and they do not want to listen to the facts

  • Are you flipping kidding me

    Apples= no meat. Tofu isn't a meat, but it isn't a vegetable, and apples are not vegetables, but no way in GOD'S GREEN EARTH AN APPLE IS A MEAT! Have you ever heard of a meat that grows from the ground? Have you ever heard of a meat that is classified as a fruit? NO. NO YOU HAVEN'T. THAT MEANS AN APPLE IS NOT A MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apples are not meat

    Apples do not have enough protein to be meats. Also, apples grow on trees while meat comes from animals. Apples are fruits. To summarize, it is not possible for an apple to be a meat because it doesn't have enough protein and it comes from a plant, not an animal.

  • Meat comes from animals.

    Meat comes from animals. Apples come from trees, which are plants. Also, apples are not always red. Some apples are actually green or even yellow. So how are apples meat. I can understand that it is about as filling as meat, but apples by definition are most definitely not meat.

  • It's obvious guys...

    APPLES ARE JUST FRUIT WAND THEY DO NOT, AND THEY DO NOT HAVE BLOOD! THE PEOPLE WHO SAID THIS IS MEAT IS NOT SMART ANYMORE! And if you still think it is meat, then go back to school dude :| because this is ridiculous... Wow man your people are dumb...

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